Ben Adamah - Writings on the Truth about the Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind.


(March 2012)


  • All the facts on Climate and how it changed, and why we were well on the way to the next Glacial (mini Ice Age) before the turn of the Twenth Century, will be presented from different perspectives in this section.
  • To the Author it was becoming more and more obvious from the 60s, and by the 70s he was sure that, we were well on the way to creating the next Glacial.
  • Why and when it commenced and why the ice mass at the polar caps was advancing at an accelerating pace will be covered in detail.
  • The drastic measures implemented by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev taken to counter the effect of the build up and expansion of the ice mass of the Polar Caps.
  • That there has been 33 glacials over a little less than three million 400 thousand years and the Author of this work believes strongly (does not know for sure) that they have all been as a result of previous civilisations disturbance of the Biosphere as a result of primarily the loss of tree cover (details to follow).
  • That a full-on Ice age is probably way beyond mankind's ability to perpetuate.
  • The future of this civilisation unless it mends it's way.
  • A desireable but unlikely future.


  • Before the end of the late sixties the author commenced telling people that we were well on the way to bringing on the next Ice age/glacial.
  • By the middle of the seventies he new for certain that we were rapidly moving into the next Glacial when he was told that in the decade between 1960 and 1970 the the ice mass on the Ross Shelf on the Antarctic Continent had increased by over 6000 million tonnes.
  • It was then that he began receiving Scientific Manuscripts to review on the impending Glacial, mistakenly believing by their Authors that we were moving into s an Ice age. The Author also had the habit of referring to it as an Ice age, mainly because most people referred to the last Glacial that ended approximately 10,800 years ago as the last Ice age.
  • From the mid to late seventies the Author brought up the fact that our approach to the environment was well on the way to bringing about the next glacial in many of the talks or discussions he had on the world stage. Once as the final speaker in 1977 at a World Conference in the Calgary Convention Centre in Alberta, Canada, another time a talk he gave in 1977 at Wits University in Johannesburg explaining how we were loosing cloud cover/potential precipitation into the Jet streams ending up as Ice mass on the Polar Caps. Also in the same year he was invited to Edinburgh University, by a Prof. (not sure of his name) who he believes was the Dean of the Faculty of Ecology, for a discussion on hearing from one of his pupils that the Author was stating with convincing facts/evidence that we were well on the way to the next Glacial, referring to it then as Ice age.
  • By 1976 the Author realised that for the mass of mankind to have any chance of a liveable and sustainable future that we urgently needed to develop a whole new Socio-economic Rationale, with as it's Central Determinant, being the need to as soon as possible adopt a Decentralised strategy to all future development and begin dismantling the centralised society. That all future community development needed to be Biographically designed and developed to operate within the framework of the laws that govern the rest of the natural world. All the prospectuses he presented to numerous Governments were rejected by their leaders for various reasons in their ignorance.
  • The Author began presenting prospectuses from 1976 until 1983 to governments on the need and desirability of a self reliant society developed by utilizing a sustainable bio-regional educational and decentralised approach to future development. The last Government the Author presented it to was the Australian Federal Government in 1983 who were locked into the belief that more centralisation of society was needed. They were blinded by their beliefs and could not even begin to see the need to decentralise. This country is beginning to pay the price of the egotistical beliefs of those in power at the time and this civilisation. Anybody with nous and not living by beliefs would have realised that it was obviously the only way this civilisation had of not going down the same path as 30 or more centralised civilisations that have come and disappeared in the past, because they destroyed the fertility of the land they depended on after they centralised and built cities.

Before the end of the last Century the ice mass of the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Caps would have increased to such an extent that would have inundated most of North and Central Eurasia into China, Canada, most of the USA, Southern Chile and Argentina before 2000. Why because the increasing loss of percipitation of most of the continents was ending up in the Jet Streams, depositing snow at an ever increasing pace on the Polar Caps and Temperate Zones. Primally due to the loss of tree cover across the Globe and the city development on the Eastern Coastal side of the Continents creating a heat wall so that all the potential precipitation coming off the sea when confronted with this heat wall is uplifted into the Jet Streams. This is the reason for the rapidly deminishing rainfall over many Continents and why we are going to have more extended periods of droughts and un-seasonal sporadic rains, devasting floods which is going to create havoc to the agricultural industry.


The awareness of the potential consequences of the rapid increase of the ice mass on the Antarctic Continent and the rapidly expanding circumference of ice of the Arctic Circle, which was threatening to close down Murmansk, Russia's major naval seaport before the end of the 20th Century. The threat of the rapidly advancing glacial was brought to the attention of the two opposing world leader's, somewhere before 1983. It was decided that drastic measures were needed to be taken, which were put into effect in 1983 to contain the build up. They authorised the implementation of the only option to control the build up of the expanding ice mass of the polar caps.

The measures taken by the USA and Russian Governments to control it was to increase the temperatures at the Polar Caps by extensive enlargement of the Ozone holes above them. The Author is not certain whether the scientists who were advising the two leaders were aware of all the effects the action they advised and implemented was going to have on the movements of the Jet Streams circling the globe. The erratic movements of the Jet Streams is going to have a lasting effect on the weather which is going to become more and more unpredictable in the future with the increased potential of droughts and floods as a consequence of disturbing them, and is certainly going to add another dimension to weather forecasting.


The action taken has in no way eliminated the causes of the ice buildup and is only been contained by the two giant holes in the Ozone layer above the Polar Caps. If we don't begin with addressing the prime causes of all the dilemmas the world now faces and begin to implement the determinants needed for our survival, most of them espoused over and over again in this work and to many Governments and Organisations by the Author from 1976 until 1983, then almost all of this civilisation is doomed to perish. Scientifically manipulating of the Biosphere can only be done to a limited extent. Unfortunately Mr. Ronald Reagan and Mr. Gorbachev did not begin to address the causes of the impending Glacial in 1983 when they decided to take the drastic measure they employed to offset the advancing ice mass of the polar caps. Unfortunately we are excelerating the destuction of the tree cover of the planet and greatly increasing our consumption of fossil fuels, these two are having the most detrimental effect of the earth's Biosphere.

It was the awareness of the above situation the world was in that brought about detente, the end to the Cold War between Russia and the USA.

Reagan's approach to the problem was, if the Scientific Establishment could not provide a solution without having a detrimental effect on the status quo of the socio-economic rationale of the centralised society at the time, then so be it.
To his discredit Ronald Reagan ignored the findings of the Global 2000 Report.


The Author, commencing from mid 1970, began informing the world that supplying a centralised society and cities was never sustainable and as a consequence was well on the way to ruining the earth as a setting for human habitation. That centralised society was a failed experiment, and that it was continuing to ignore the ever increasing damage to the environment in producing and supplying the resources needed for the cities to exist. The fact that cities are abhorrent to the first law of nature will follow.

The demand of providing food and housing for the relentless un-natural population growth is becoming less and less sustainable because of the increasing damage to all aspects of the Biosphere, the quality of the air, water and the soils of the planet.

The principle causes of all the numerous crises currently engulfing this civilisation are caused by the present socio-economic rationale and mankind's un-natural lifestyle.

These two are at the root of the problem and need to be addressed urgently if this civilisation is to have any chance of survival. In brief the only chance it has for it's long-term survival is for it to immediately begin with decentralising itself and for mankind to accept and meet it's needs according to how nature intended. There is no other way forward. Good Bye to most of present Societies Wants. This civilisation if it chooses to survive has no other option but to accept unconditionally meeting it's needs as nature intended.

Another very important book to study is 'Where the Wasteland Ends' by Theodore Roszak available from Amazon.


The only missing piece to the puzzle by the time one has finished studying this work is whether those that control the destiny of the masses are only interested in their present personal desires or have the integrity, the moral fortitude to consider the future well being of this civilisation and begin to steer it in the direction provided in this work. The time of freedom of individual or collective choice has to be abandoned.

The determinants needed for the continued survival of this Civilisation, I regret to inform all mankind will have to be legislated and enforced globally, there can be no delays or exceptions, because there is no other option. The cities need to give way to millions of sustainable communities each with their own economic focus, meeting their needs locally within the laws that govern the natural world, there is no option. The world's population has to work together as a family, and be prepared to live ostensibly as nature intended, definitely within all the laws that govern nature. The only way we can succeed, is to abandon any exceptions and if science and technology can not prove conclusively that what ever we attempt to do does not in anyway disturb the long-term balance of nature then it is unacceptable and legally impermissible anywhere on the planet.

We obviously need a world council to govern and enforce all societies on the planet to function strictly within sustainable ecological laws/guide lines. It is obviously going to require the majority of the masses to want and actual put into practice the major determinants necessary for it's survival and if it does not, then I regret to say it has no hope of avoiding an apocalyptic future, to awful to even contemplate.

This civilisation is only reaping what it deserves by the proliferation of want after want, attempting to fill the abyss in it's unfulfilled miserable and mindless existence.


No centralised society in the past ever had any long-term chance of survival and neither has ours. It is about time that the scientific establishment stop believing they will find solutions to the crises (syndrome) gripping the centralised world and admit they do not have the least idea of where they are going. Admit that they can only contribute to more confusion, chaos and conflict in the world. That the theological leaders of all faiths accept that our future is dependant on us mankind accepting and living according to the Scientific Nature (Laws) of the Universe, Life and Mankind, the main section of this work to be presented as Science to Religion.

They need to acknowledge their limitations, their iffy beliefs, and inform the world leaders that they will never have a comprehensive solution to the challenges to the survival of our present centralised society and if we to have any chance, we need to decentralise as soon as possible and adhere to the Scientific Nature of Life and Mankind.

It is not possible to have solutions to the challenges to the long-term survival of any centralised civilisation and any fool that has any say in our future who believes otherwise, needs to be locked away because he is a danger to mankind's future.

Another book, a must to study is 'Topsoil and Civilisation' by Dale and Carter available on the internet


The believers are responsible for all the violence and ignorance in the world. Especially the masses whose lives are ruled and dictated to, and are been ruined, by their beliefs, and there are few exceptions in the world. The individuals whose lives are strictly governed by educated/inculcated beliefs need get a copy of the 'Passionate Mind' by Joel Kramer.

Keep it by your bedside and never miss reading at least one section every night. And when you reach the end begin again at the start and it won't take long before you come to many realisations on why your life up to then may have been a mindless, meaningless existence.


When studying the section From Science to Religion, From Knowledge to Belief and From Truth to Ignorance (to be added site shortly) one will realise that what was originally the Ancient Masters knowledge on Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind has been reduced to creeds, religious beliefs with ignorant interpretations of the profound wisdom of the Ancient Masters contained in their records of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. For there to be any hope, a despairing qualities if ever there was, then all religions need to abandon their scriptures and return to the source, the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind as known by the Ancient Masters. The Author will shortly begin to share their knowledge using the number symbols (so-called sacred code) they used to record the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind.


What is needed is at least one individual, preferably a group of individuals who speak as one voice, having an integrated vision of all the determinants necessary for a liveable and sustainable future. They need to be able to present a prospectus which includes all these determinants guiding the development of a new socio-economic rationale, a model depicting what it would look like and why it would have the potential of functioning sustainably within the constraints that govern the rest of the natural environment when established.


Two extremely important threats to mankind's survival on earth, which the scientists have not even begun to warn society about, is the rapid increase in the acidic level of the air we breathe and the effect of acid rain on the fertility of the earths soils. The acidic precipitation even in many rural areas, is dropping to low Ph. 5 levels, which is a 100 times more acidic than it was prior to our folly of developing a centralised society with cities which require dependence on fossil fuels and factory farming.

Just as important is the increase of the Co2 and the other acidic gases in the air we breathe and their effect on mankind's Well Being. These two threats to mankind's well being will create the proliferation and possibly even a pandemic in the not to distant future of all the cardio-respiratory diseases and cancer.



The present ignorance of mankind, especially its limited knowledge of the scientific nature of the universe, life and itself, gives little chance of the survival of the majority of this civilisation. Those that choose, probably still have the chance to  fulfill their earthly mission, even if society continues on it's present path. However time is of essence.


The Author KNOWS not BELIEVES that it is possible to design and develop highly desirable and sustainable decentralised communities, each one with it's own economic focus operating within the current budget of the natural energy sources (without the need for any fossil fuels except in the colder temperate zones) of any local environment and at the same time be able to adhere to the first law/morality of nature by been able to return the resources which it used to sustain itself been returned from whence they came in a re-usable state and in so doing not destroying the balance of the Biosphere. These communities would provide an opportunity for all individuals in the community to be able to contribute and have/feel some self worth. Crime and ill health would be a thing of the past when they are taught and practiced a life style in accordance with their natural constitution.


In order for the Author's message to sink in with many readers he has purposely repeated himself time and time again, but with slight differences to endeavour to get through to those individuals who don't have the slightest awareness of the predicament of the present civilisation. Unfortunatelyy most of this civilisation can not see beyond were the next pleasure is coming from and uses every conceivable means to distract itself from taking responsibility for itself and the environment. It lives in total disregard for the fact that it brought children into the world and if it had any integrity it would not leave anything it was capable of doing undone to guarantee they have a chance to a liveable future.


The prime difference is they only destroyed the small area of land they developed and depended on for the resources they needed to develop their centralised society with cities, whereas our civilisation is destroying every aspect of the earth's Biosphere, the the quality of the air we breathe, caused the loss and purity of the precipitation, leveled most of the forests to produce primarily The Three Weapons of Mass Destruction, which are not and never were part of mankind's natural diet and are highly detrimental to it's well being. In the process of producing these three ranges of foods mankind has mined most of the arable soils of the whole planet to almost depletion and are well on their way to becoming a desert.

We have destroyed most of the forests and as a consequence upset the balance of nature, polluted the air we breathe, created acid rains, and well on the way to turning the planet into a desert primarily in production and consume of three groups of foods.

We have done so, mainly in pursuit of the unnatural and unhealthy types of foods/diet mankind now consumes and also the need for fossil fuels which a centralised society requires to function and which a well designed and developed decentralised society can do without in meeting it's energy needs. The present diet of mankind is radically different to it's natural diet when it made it's appearance on earth. Centralised Society has nothing going for it, it is sick, very sick and is well on the way to making the earth unfit as a setting for human habitation while it's population is living a meaningless unfulfilled existence.


The loss of the forests, the guardians of the earth and of life on mother earth, which are the principal builders of our soils, the purifiers of the air we breathe, moderate the earth's temperature and ensure rainfall, is nothing less than criminal. The loss of tree cover has been the main cause of climate change even more so than the use of fossil fuels and the man made enlargement of the ozone holes over the polar caps


The decimation of the forests for the agricultural production of the three major foods present society considers it needs for sustenance, which in it's ignorance, are what the author referred to in the 70s as the three principle Weapons of Mass Destruction of the earth's Biosphere and Mankind's Well Being.

The agricultural production, specifically these three groups of foods has only taken place over the last 8000 years approximately, give or take maybe a 1000 years.


They have been the principle cause of climate change because they needed the destruction of most of the earth's forests in order to provide the vast areas of land to produce them. The loss of the tree cover has been the principle cause of the rapid increase of Co2 in the atmosphere, the lose of precipitation and the principle reason why the present rainfall over the planet, is chemically very different to what it used to be. At present the rainfall in most populated areas of the world is now reaching one hundred times more acidic in many rural areas than before the production of the Three Weapons of Destruction and more recently is accelerating by the use of fossil fuels. In the cities the rainfall can be considerably more acidic.

The best so-called natural spring water we have tested recently was Ph 5.8. Not the best to drink when the physiology of body has to maintain the blood stream at Ph 7.4, which is one hundred times more alkaline than the average water we tested The acid rains are destroying, mineralization of the organic fraction, the percentage of the organic matter on and in the soil. Rapidly diminishing it's present productive potential.


A highly decentralised society developed bio-geographically and with mankind partaking of it's natural diet would eliminate almost all of the destructive aspects of a centralised society. The pertinent question is whether this civilisation is prepared and fully committed to accept the life saving sacrifices of forsaking their present unnatural unhealthy lifestyle and diet primarily the production and consumption of the THREE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and be prepared to live according to how nature intended.


The prime lesson mankind needs to learn quick smart is that nature to be commanded, must be obeyed. What ever we do must adhere to all its laws. The use of any technology is only acceptable when it's effects can be ameliorated by the Biosphere.


Our lifestyle, and the communities we develop, are only sustainable when they adhere to all the laws that govern the rest of natural world. The first commandment, the first law of the universe - morality of nature, for there to be a sustainable, stable and productive environment is all that was derived from the Biosphere must be returned in a re-useable state from whence it came. This civilisation's very survival is depenedent on it, as soon as possible, adhering to this law. Almost all of present technology would not be needed in a highly developed decentralised society.


Edited from the Journal of the Centre for Integrative Education in1968

“The “balance” of nature really has to do with the way in which natural processes relate to their environment, namely, through the efficient recycling of energy.”

“Natural communities operate on a current budget of solar energy, deploying it so as to keep the system itself in operating condition, maintaining or even enhancing the capacity of habitat to sustain life. Through variety and complexity, niches are afforded to organisms, visible and invisible, each of which plays its part in sustaining activity. Organic materials produced by green plants out of the raw substances of air, water and earth, are broken down step by step, in elaborate food chains until their components are returned whence they came, once more in usable form.”

“When a natural community succeeds in realising this recycling, it gains a relative equilibrium or “balance” in relation to other communities.” (in the natural world)

“The concept of the balance of nature, so conceived, therefore becomes a normative concept for the life of natural communities. Of the many things a natural community must accomplish, it cannot fail to achieve balance in the pattern of its energy utilisation. This is the first law of the morality of nature.”

“Yet mankind’s, of all earth’s creatures, has been the chief perpetrator of ecological disregard. Under the rubric of progress, it is pursuing a fantastic delusion of endless growth which, in its economies, its obsession with mass-urbanism, the proliferation of its population, and in the horrendous examples of technological pollution, is well on the way to ruining the world as a setting for mankind’s habitation. The record of mankind’s misuse of the natural environment is too well documented in both popular and technical literature to need mention here. Suffice to say that the ecological crisis of our time is worldwide. It is rooted in the view of the mankind/nature relationship, is dualistic in holding that the means of technological advance can be derived from nature, but the ends that direct it cannot. Since the consequences of our technological means have produced the ecological crisis, it follows that the ends we have followed are suspect by implication. The search for a new theory of mankind’s relationship to nature, therefore, is centred on a new conception of the ends and values that guide the means we employ.”

“The balance of nature provides an objective normative morality that can and must be utilised as the base/ground of mankind’s values. It serves as the source of all ecological values and is, in other words, a kind of ultimate value. It says in effect to man: “This much at least you must do, this much you must be responsible for. You must at least develop and utilise energy systems that recycle their products back into Nature. Whatever else you attempt, must be consonant with this fundamental requirement”.


All the centralised civilisations in the past that did not succeed in fulfilling this fundamental requirement did not survive and ours has only lasted as long as it has because of our use of fossil fuels and mechanical equipment. But it is these very technical achievements which are at the heart of the problem because they have given us the means/ability to mine the planet and destroy the earth”s biosphere on a global scale.

Probably the two most important destructive ones been the effect of the rapid increase in the atmospheric carbonic and other acid gas levels on the health of all life on earth and the Biosphere. The human body in most environments on earth is already battling to maintaining the blood's homeostasis, especially the necessity to maintain the Ph and the acidic gases in it at healthy levels. The air we are breathing and the water we are drinking are already far to acidic for mankind's well being. And as a consequence the acidic based diseases of the human body are accelerating and are going to reach epidemic proportions in the not to distant future. They are directly as a result of supplying the present centralised civilisation with what it needs to survive but at the cost of destroying the sustainability of the Biosphere and ironically it's own very survival.

The quality of the air we breathe is even of far more importance than the food we presently eat and drink. The rapidly increasing degeneration of the health of the environment and mankind's un-natural, unhealthy diet is the main cause of the increase in cardio-respiratory diseases, cancer, and all the acid diseases, some of which are known as the sacchride diseases such as arteriosclerosis, arthritis, diabetes obesity etc.


It has been estimated by some authorities that the earth has gone through 33 glacials (ice ages) over a little less than three and a half million years.
The complete cycle from the commencement of one to the beginning of the next one is around 102,500 years
At the end of each ice age we have an interglacial epoch of somewhere between 10,400 to 11,200 years.

The above history whether right or wrong is debatable and does not need to be considered because the present climatic condition is obvious and the only question is the solution and the implementation.


During the glacials most of the continental shelves beyond the tropics are covered by giant glaciers and mankind and most of the animals would have only survived in the tropical zone, mankind probably on islands in this climatic region.
The glaciers covering North America and Europe would have been miles/ kilometers deep in the valleys and as a consequence of the lowering of the sea level, there would have been many more islands in the tropics to inhabit.
The author has not found anyone with a satisfactory and comprehensive answer to
what triggers the start of the glacials/mini Ice Ages or what causes the difference of the 800 years of the interglacial epochs.

The author is sure there is a simple answer of what causes these glacials and the reason for the 800 year variation of the Interglacial Epochs.

The reason why the scientific establish can't see the obvious reason for both of these phenomenon is because they don't believe that there could have been many or any civilisations existing prior to any of the glacials in the past. What these past civilisations did was probably not much different to what we are doing. They would have destroyed the biosphere of the earth, which is obviously what we are in the process of doing, and then their civilisations would have collapsed and those that survived living a primitive existence. When the glaciers had regenerated the top soils at the face of them with mineral rich glacial loess there would be extensive forest re-growth, which would then begin to reduce the Co2 and the glaciers would begin to recede.


The obvious reason for all the past glacials was that they were brought on by past civilisations having done primarily what we have done to bring on one. The one we would have had, if the Ozone over Polar Caps had not been rapidly enlarged by NASA AND THE USSRs equivalent employing a chemical to deplete a large area of the Ozone over each of the Polar Caps. The prime reason for a glacial to occur is because of the loss of tree cover and as a consequence the reflected heat over the continents lifting potential precipitation into the Jet Streams which eventually ends up been deposited at the Polar Caps as snow. Other reasons will follow. The main reason for the sudden reversal in 1983 of the build-up of the ice mass on the Polar Caps and it returning to the ocean is the heat reaching the Polar Caps through the massive holes created by the depletion of the Ozone Layer above them.


The loss of the forests, and the concentrated development of cities along the coast line with their heat production and reflective colours and the types of building material used, especially the use of reflective roofing materials such as zincalume and galvanised iron. A 2000 sq. ft. roof covered in either of these products would reflect more heat than the loss of 20 acres of trees. There is also the folly of growing tundra trees in the warmer areas of the world because in the process of growing quickly they radiate large amounts of heat into the atmosphere. All of these factors combined have created a heat wall above them with uplifting air currents which is lifting most of the potential precipitation coming from the sea instead of falling on the land up into the Jet Streams. Here is the reason for the loss of precipitation in Australia, USA, Africa, Asia and South America.

By the mid Interglacial Epochs the Antarctic Continent would had very little Ice on it and the Arctic Ice Shelf probably did not exist and all the continents would have almost been completely covered by dense, lush forests.

The increasing loss of cloud cover and the effect on future precipitation was something the author was beginning to lecture on from the mid 70s, once at the largest University in the Southern Hemisphere, which he recently found was on Google.


Please note we are referring to glacials, not full on Ice Ages which are way beyond mankind's capability to create.


The following are what civisation did in the beginning to destabilize the climate.

  1. The first civilisations removed or burnt most of tree cover in North Africa and countries bordering the Mediterranean sea and the Middle East across to India and North East Eurasia., also much of Central North America the West Coast of South America and Southern Africa. The decimation of much of tree cover of the Australian Continent could have even happened before the above.
  2. Followed by further extensive loss of tree cover by white settlers over North and South America, East Africa and particularly Australia which was probably the biggest culprit of destroying forests for the production of the three WMDs from 1950 onwards.


The massive ice build up on the Antarctic Continent was from the loss of precipitation from these two continents via the Jet Streams. All because of the extensive decimation of tree cover from 1950 onwards. Little did they realise the loss of this tree cover was going to wreck the climate.

In 1980 the Author checked the rainfall of some areas in Australia before 1900 that used to average in excess of 200 inches per year as far back as 1850s but now are averaging less than 40 inches and very erratic. Sometimes receiving that quantity of rain in 48 hours and then followed by extended droughts all because the loss of tree cover, especially on the South Eastern side of this Continent. The Author brought to the attention of the National Trust and Federal Government in 1980 the consequences of continuing with their approach to, and character of development of the country especially the South Eastern side. The Author was informed by a member of the Fedaeral Department of Environment instructed to interview the Author that the politicians at the time would not begin to consider the recommendation he advised, which is no different to what he is still advocating.

The Author has decided to not proceed any further with spelling out in detail after detail how ignorant and destructive the entire present social and economic rationale is to the earth's environment and mankind's well being. Suffice to say that the present socio-economic rationale with mass urbanisation, the proliferation of it's population and the horrendous examples of environmental degradation is well on the way to destroying the earth as a setting for human habitation.


Before any body studies the next page they need to at least read: Diet, Nutrition and Mankind's Natural Diet.

Obviously endeavour to create the context in which mankind made it's appearance on the planet which provided it with it's natural diet, in a Garden of Eden. Eden is an Ancient Archetype which when decoded means a Context in which the three levels of Being can attain the Nth degree.

THE author on two ocassions created/developed a garden of eden but no one was interested, so he bulldozed out much of it and turned them into commercial operations and sold them off. The last one by the eigth year produced sufficient food to feed at least 200 people.

The problem there is probably less than 1 in 10,000 that is prepared to make the life saving sacrifice of giving up their unhealthy living habits, in particular their unhealthy un-natural diet. The last one by the eight year produced sufficient food to feed at least 200 people.


To begin with it would need to begin to plant/create millions of Gardens of Eden across the planet, by planting extensive orchards of fruit and nut trees and at the same time begin to develop the infrastructure of the future communities, which would be an integral part of these Gardens of Eden, and also have among them other Fauna. They need to be developed in such a manner that they can be self-reliant and ecologically sustainable, each one having it's own central economic focus. Not dissimilar to the Kibbutzim (collective) and Moshavim (cooperative) communities in Israel.

While the above is in the process of growing and developing, the future inhabitants need to be learning how to tend the gardens, how to manage their central economic focus and at the same time be taught the ins and outs of mankind's natural diet. Refer section Mankind's Natural Diet for all that is needed to be known. If one needs further technical info on Mankind's Natural Diet then Study Sections Diet and Nutrition.

From the outset the future inhabitants need to begin adopting a transitional dietary regime which would automatically improve their health and well being, so they are able to begin to live on their natural diet by the time their own Garden of Eden begins to become productive. They will take up residence in proportion with the increase in production of the gardens. Some of them will start up the Economic Focus they have decided for their community, which ostensibly would be production of the needs of the community, mainly from local raw materials.

Some of the advantages

  1. All animals in an unspoilt environment on their natural diet, live to the age they were meant to live, so would mankind, not the measly three score and ten some scriptures have allotted mankind.
  2. All animals on their natural diet in an unspoilt environment live free of all disease or infirmities except for accidents and so should mankind.
  3. All animals come into being in perfect correspondence with the environment they found themselves and so did mankind before he wandered.
  4. As with all creatures, all mankind needed was to gather their dietary needs utilising the Instinctive senses it was provided not needing to be educated. Study Instincts on the menu when one has finished this section to understand how the human genome coded into the parent cell at inception, gave mankind the infallible ability to meet it's needs as nature intended.
  5. Living as nature intended in meetings it's needs and living in accordance with natures commandments mankind would not need more than the minimum of labour to tend it's Garden of Eden', not having to 'Live by the Sweat of it's Brow' to satisfy them.

Many more advantages will be added in time.

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