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(May 2012)


Some therapists, mainly Medical Doctors do not advocate fasting at home. The Author suspects this is because they can not afford to ever fall out of favour with their association for fear of having their licence to practice, revoked.

Dr Herbert Shelton of Natural Hygiene fame who fasted in excess of forty thousand people in his Clinic in San Antonio Texas, and never lost a patient, many of whom where individuals the medical Profession had given up on, takes vigorous exception to such misleading advice in a matter so simple as fasting.

“Everyone at the head of, or connected with any institution employing fasting states this same thing. It is bunk, hokum; with a commercial motive back of it. A method that can not be employed in the natural haunts of man, is no natural method. Fasting is Nature's method and Nature requires no institution to do her work in. She conducts her fasts as well in the woods or on the plains as in institutions of the city. Wild animals do not require physicians to conduct them through a fast, but rely wholly on their unaided instincts.”

How ever Ben Adamah suggests first become aware of some of the potential pitfalls that may arise when fasting and how one needs to respond to them by reading a couple of the books in the list at the end of this section.

Dr. Adolph Meyer an eminent German physician asserted that fasting is the most efficient means for correcting disease.”

Dr. Moeller superintendent of the Closchwitz sanatorium said: “ Fasting is the only natural evolutionary method whereby, through a systematic cleansing, the body can restore itself by degrees to physiological normality”.

Dr Alexis Carrel, Nobel Laureate, the Greatest Biologist and Anthropologist of the Twentieth Centre, who was the eminent research scientist of the Rockefeller Institute showed after 27 years of research and tests that if the nutritive medium was constantly (cleansed) renewed an organism should never die.

Ben Adamah follows up by saying why contaminate the blood stream (what he referred to as the nutritive medium) by consuming unhealthy foods. However when mankind originally lived in it's natural habitat fasting would have been a natural and regular event because there would have been periods when there would have been no ripe edible fruit for it to consume for maybe days or even weeks, before it located another source. This period of fasting would have been to mankind's benefit.

Hence the reason why they had lifespans we could only dream about. Read Fountain of Youth and other sections for a full scientific explanation why we age and die. In brief it is nothing more than accumulated wastes from an excess of food intake and more so from a un-natural diet which the body has not been able to eliminate. As the un-eliminated wastes accumulate in the organs, and begin to encrust/congest them, one ages in direct rate/proportion to the accumulated wastes. Fasting gives the body the opportunity to eliminate some of it and, yes you become younger Physiologically.

Prof. Charles and Prof. Kunde from Chicago University followed up by taking a group of fifty men of 45 years of age and put them on water only for ten days and found their tissue was improved to that of a 17 year old .

Prof. Huxley conducted experiments at the the Department of Zoology at the Chicago University in which he came to the conclusion that an organism fasting for periods between spells of frugal eating would extend the life of an organism. His experiment showed mankind has the potential of at least a 20 fold increase in it's lifespan.

Heaps more info on why one needs to fast in sections “disease” and “health and well being” and also in other sections in this work.


Fasting is abstaining voluntarily from any form of Body sustenance (food or liquids other than water) for varying lengths of time. Without water it is referred to as a dry fast. Dry fasting is only ever practised after the physical body is well advanced in purification and then only for 24 to 48 hours maximum. This induce the body's innate ability to eliminate any deep seated physiological impediment to it's well being, that the body had not managed to dislodge during multiple extended water fasts. However the Author has found that, when one utilises all four possible means to purify the body, it is unnecessary to ever go on a dry fast. These four are purification of the body utilising all four states of energy namely air, water, earth and temperature preferably in the form of Sunlight. Explanation of how these four elements are employed in the cleansing/purifying of the body will follow in another section.


Fasting is the only possible means one can employ to eliminate the physical and the psychological impediments, from wastes that have accumulated in the body impeding it's functioning. There is no other natural option, only the innate intelligence and physiological functioning programmed into of the body has the ability to restore, heal it and reverse the aging process, extending one's potential lifespan.


Meditation is another form of fasting by abstaining from any psychological sustenance. When seeking well being meditation needs to be practised in conjunction with abstaining from any form of physiological sustenance.

Meditation is primarily to do with abstaining from any form of psychological inputs which implies remaining absolutely silent for a period of time. All the Ancient Masters, including all the Founders of the Major Religions of the World knew that to attain the Realised Enlightened Ageless State of Being (Knowing Thyself) required one to abstain from all inputs of physiological and psychological sustenance for a minimum of forty days and nights. In today's world, the only realistic environment to even begin to attempt to “Know Thyself” which is the pre-eminent aim of these two practises is solitude in a cottage in the forests, and on top of a mountain if possible. Meditation and the various modalities will be covered in another section in due course.

An adage from the Author “It is only the physiological and psychological garbage one has accumulated in the body from an unhealthy lifestyle that is inhibiting one from attaining the Divine Realised State of Being – Therefore cleanliness is not next to godliness, cleanliness of the body is the essential and only pathway to the divine state of being.”


Fasting has been employed for thousands of years as the means to regain physiological and psychological purity, health and well-being. Dating back to the Ancient Masters and before, fasting has been known to be the pre-eminent, and only rational means to return the homoeostasis of the physical body. Any other approach is either witch craft or quackery whatever methods are employed. Fasting is the only (natural) means which all the rest of nature employs instinctively to regain health. Why should mankind need any different approach to regain health and well being. Has the time not come that mankind reject all the various forms of Quackery practised today for the regaining of health and well being and begin to obey mother nature it's creator?

Where and when did ill health begin
Ill health began from the accumulation of increments of filth, wastes from the first day of one's conception in the womb by the unhealthy diet of the mother during the nine month gestation. Then following on after birth accumulating more from an un-natural, unhealthy diet which eventually leads to one's demise.


Degenerate Diseases
The degenerative diseases arise from the accumulation in the body of un-eliminated inorganic mineral wastes from a diet with a high acidic content. When this occurs over an extended period the outcome is all the chronic degenerative diseases from which present civilisation suffers.

Biological diseases
Whereas when the un-eliminated wastes (proteins from animals- flesh and dairy) provide the breeding ground for all the biological diseases related to viral and bacterial infection. As one world leading scientist proved in his experiments that accumulated biological wastes, under certain conditions, have the ability to spontaneously create diseases not requiring external contamination. This was obviously how the diseases were created initially. At a micro level creation is a fact, but is not remotely possible at a macro level. It is not possible for the body to be subjected to any effect from foreign viruses or bacteria when it has no organic - biological wastes anywhere in its physiological structure.

After birth these wastes keep accumulating until the body is given an opportunity, to eliminate some of them by abstaining from sustenance. The human body has the inherent ability to do so. It was programmed into it at the creation of the first/parent cell, the zygote, not requiring one to be taught.

When the individual keeps ignoring the senses telling them to abstain from food, the body eventually reaches saturation/congestion. This can be in multiple in just one of the organs of the body, which can then be fatal.

What occurs during a fast
During the absence of food, the body will systematically cleanse itself of everything except vital tissue. Starvation will occur only when the body is forced to use vital tissue to survive. This will not occur when it is still endeavouring to dispose of any accumulated waste. There is an unwarranted fear of fasting that strength diminishes from the catabolism of proteins from muscle fibres. Even during long fasts, the number of healthy muscle fibres remains the same. Although the healthy cells may be reduced in size and strength for a time, they remain perfectly sound.

A couple of examples of individual fasts
From 1928 to 1938 Giovanni Succi travelled throughout Europe giving exhibitions of fasting in the public eye day and night. His exhibitions,rigidly controlled, extended for periods of fasting for30 and 40 days duration. Included were 80 periods of 30 days and 20 periods of 40 days – a total of 3200 days without eating, eight years and 280 days in ten years.

A world endurance weight-lifting record holder Gillam Low after only consuming water for twenty one days lifted a squat stand of 1000 continuously until he exceeded a million pounds effortlessly. Under another endurance test after eating his usual diet he endeavoured to accomplish the same feat but fell way short of what he had achieved after fasting for 21 days. During the first test he continued working out in the gym.

One would have expected that his body would not have been able to accomplish what he did after fasting for the 21 days, it also begs another unexplained question by the scientific establishment where did he get the energy from to do so, when he had not eaten for the 21 days. So that has blown another iffy scientific theory about nutrition.

The need for periodic fasting
Until one has fully cleansed the body and living on an all raw natural diet it is essential to have periodic fasts if one is interested in one's health. It is obvious that when the body is been occupied 24/7 with processing and eliminating the wastes from the continuous supply of sustenance, it is not able to do any house cleansing, and is going backwards, deteriorating in health and well being.

There are various approaches to periodic fasting but all are dependent on how one has treated the body since the previous house cleansing if any. The longer one digresses from a healthy diet, the longer and more often one needs to fast to retain one's health.

Here are some of the various approaches to periodic fasting:


Weekly for one day on water only.

  b. Weekly for one or more days on water followed by one or more days on fruit only
  c. Fasting for one week monthly on water only.
  d. Fasting for one week monthly on water only, following on, by one week or more on fresh ripe fruit.
  e. An annual fast on water followed by a frugal sun ripened fruit diet for an extended period but only after one has prepared oneself to do so.

Where to start
Ben Adamah recommends begin with “a,” for a month then proceed down the options in order to gain the confidence to go on the more extended fasts. By doing so there is also less likelihood of not overloading the system with excessive wastes been eliminated from the body at any given time. It is also advisable to begin by staying in bed for the first fast.

Activity during any fast when not debilitated
During the fast it is definitely beneficial to do a range of stretching exercises that include every muscle and joint in the body as provided in all the various yoga postures. One should never at any time place any undue stress on either of them.

It is an essential requirement to begin to eliminate any encrusting in the muscles and the joints.

It is also beneficial to begin with colonic irrigation or enemas before commencing any fast. When fasting for longer than a week it needs to be done more often. However not if one intends to remain on a flesh diet. Why! because colonic irrigation may cleanse the encrusting of the interstitial spaces of the cells in the wall/lining of the bowel, which would then increase the potential of auto-intoxication from any residue of animal putrefying proteins that become trapped in the sacculated folds of the bowel. The encrusting of the iterstitial spaces in the walls of the colon become well formed in the formative years of most individuals and had it not taken place one would have probably died of cancer at a young age, as has many children today have done recently. Parents should avoid feeding young children with heaps of flesh foods. Until the Interstitial spaces in the walls of the bowel have become encrusted there is the potential for absorption of purines from decaying flesh into the these spaces.

The need to monitor one”s physiological state
Ben Adamah will endeavour to cover all the stages and guide lines for the resurrection (rebirth), reclaiming of one's health as briefly as possible. On how to control the cleansing and the rejuvenating phase, and the monitoring of ones vital physiological stats as one proceeds, a requirement so that one does not over-reach the limits of the bodies capacity in eliminating the accumulated wastes at any one time from past bad habits, which includes food and drinks and especially drugs, medicinal or otherwise. The physiological wastes from an unhealthy diet been eliminated through the blood stream are not as virulent as the elimination of accumulated, un-eliminated drugs. The prime reason been that when any drugs have been used repeatedly they may not have passed through the system and out of the body. Then problems may arise from multiple doses been discharged into the blood. They (the drugs) have a nasty habit of accumulating dose after dose in one particular area (interstitial spaces) of the body and here in lies the danger. This situation is prevalent in persons whose health is below par and not physically active. It can also be, from been subjected to the repeated absorption of other toxic substances. The Author was subjected to 5 years of carbon tetrachloride in the 50s and 6 years of parathion methyl poisoning in the 90s. The Author survived three seizures from the latter during the 90s by relaxing and hydrating himself when they occurred and most important concentrated on his breathing.

Be aware
If at any time an individual, with an accumulated deposit of drugs or other toxic substances, either gets chilled for an extended period or exercises the area in which they have been deposited, may be subjected to a stressful condition because of those concentrated deposits been released back into the blood stream.It is important to remain calm and relaxed - inactive, keep warm, have a warm honey and lemon drink, followed by a warm shower which will give the body the maximum assistance to flush out the drugs.

Why there is a need and desire to monitor one's physiological state
A simple blood pressure and heart rate monitor obtainable from most pharmacists can be of enormous help to gauge one's physiological condition. Not only will it be an excellent guide to how one is progressing but more important to keep a check on when one needs to not accelerate any further elimination from the body, especially important in the case of individuals who have had lengthy periods of medication or have been a user of drugs or been subjected to other toxic substances.

Why! because they may have to endue a multiple dose returning into the blood stream when the body is in a cleansing/eliminating phase. This is when the monitor is invaluable because any rapid increase in one's heart rate or any increase of more than 20 mm Hg in the systolic or 10 mm Hg in the diastolic is a sure indication that one's body is offloading past wastes of a significant chemical nature. The action one needs to take then is no action, meaning don't suppress or accelerate the elimination by any action. Relax, keep the body warm, well hydrated and breathe rhythmically, slow and deep until the heart rate and B.P. subsides, any medication then can be fatal. One needs to remain calm until the body has had the time to eliminate the chemicals from the blood stream via the kidneys and bladder. To eat anything then is to halt the body eliminating the chemicals whatever their nature from the blood stream. Also to administer any drugs then can be dangerous and even fatal.

If one's health is already in serious decline then it may be advisable to have a health professional who is well qualified in fasting to keep a keep a regular check on one. An even more desirable option for someone whose health is in serious decline to attend a reputable health clinic for preferably at least a two week in the initial phase of any cleansing regime.However this is only a suggestion because the Author is not permitted by law to give any advice on health matters. Only a M.D. Is legally allowed to give any advice on health matters even though most doctors have no knowledge on fasting. As stated in the disclaimer on the home page the choice of applying any information cited in this work is your responsibilty.

The reason why one's experiences different senses of well being from day to day or even from hour to hour during a fast is because of changes in the physiological condition of the blood stream either from what one has eaten or what the body is endeavouring to eliminate that is impairing it's homoeostasis - functioning. During a fast there is a definite pattern of uppers and downers in either the decline or improvement of the physiological state of the body. Ben Adamah refers to it as having a saw tooth character. When the organs of the body have managed to get the blood into a healthy state, then one has an upper, because there are no wastes in the blood at the time, and one has a healthy level and quality of blood sugar, a high oxygen percentage and low PCo2. All four collectively play their part in the state of one's well being. To eat then will stop any further elimination of the accumulated wastes.

Then after a while if one has not had a meal one will begin to experience a downer, because the body will have then begun eliminating more of the accumulated wastes which have been limiting/impairing it's functioning. One's health will be improved each time the body has cleared the wastes from the blood stream. This routine will continue until the magic mirror, the tongue is clear of the furry deposits on it, which is an indication the blood stream is free of any waists.

As the state of one's health improves one will notice both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure will drop and at the same time there is a steady reduction in the heart rate.

The Author when he is not subjecting himself to one or another experiments or indulging in foods he knows are detrimental to his health has a B.P. Of less than 105 over 55 and a heart rate below 50 beats per minute. In 1968 after three years of cleansing and been on a frugal fruitarian diet had a B.P. on average of around 90 over 45 to 48 mm Hg and a pulse of somewhere between 30 to 35 beats per minute within minutes of doing ladder climbing over and back for 20 minutes, which astounded the Famous Dr. G.D. Campbell the specialist who was monitoring the state of the Author for an Insurance Company.

When ever the tongue, the magic mirror to the state of one's blood begins to get furry then the body is telling one the blood is saturated with wastes. The coating will clear as soon as the body has eliminated the wastes from the blood stream.

The more obvious thing to do then is to begin improving one's diet
Begin by banishing for good all confectionery, deserts and any processed foods and drinks containing salt or sugar in them from one's diet. The sooner one eliminates all packaged foods from ones diet and eats only fresh live (raw) produce the more rapidly one's health will improve, the more vital and alive one will feel, the sounder one will sleep and awake more alive in the morning, and also there will be a steady reduction in the need for sleep and one will eventually dream less and less.

During a fast, one notices that the mind becomes clearer and the sense of taste and smell grows keener.

Mankind does not realises how filthy one's body gets internally from a diet of flesh and other cooked foods until it takes a fast and begins to purge itself of the accumulated filth. Hence the Ancient saying that the uncleanliness within is far greater than the outer body.

Two other therapist from the past who have conducted thousands of fasts
Prof. Arnold Ehret
The author of mucusless diet: A scientific method of eating your way to heath.
Also fasted thousands, who I believe had the audacity to challenge the American Medical Association by stating he could demonstrate with his guidance those patients they could not help with their illness could be cured by fasting and a healthy diet. Not long after I believe (Don't Know) met with a highly unlikely and suspect accident and died.

Prof Hilton Hotema under his proper name was a partner of Shelton before he decided that it best he withdraw because of his highly critical writings of both the Medical Profession and the Religious Establishment. I also believe that the United States Postal Service refused to carry any of his mail for Decades because of his criticism of the religious and Medical Establishments. Most of his writings were mimeographed and distributed by Health Research Of California, who still do so.

Dr. Boris Chaitow
Who was the Founding Director of the High Rustenberg Hydro in Stellenbosch after he had been the director of therapy at the famous Enton Hall clinic in England for years also fasted tens of thousands fasted until the Medical Association of South Africa took over the administration and turned it into nothing but fat farm.

Colon Cleansing
Other than Dr. Herbert Shelton every other International therapist involved in fasting always made full use of colon cleansing during any fasting regime. The Author has decided not to disclose why Herbert Shelton wasn't an advocate of colon cleansing.

There is one thing the Medical Profession would not want the public to ever become aware of and that is the fact that a thorough cleansing of the colon, any time there is a hint of constriction or sluggishness of removing of faecal matter in the bowel, brings an immediate degree of relief from whatever one is suffering from.

Prof Ehret, Prof Hotema, Dr. Chaitow and many others and the author always advocate colon cleansing as the first requirement after hydrating the body in any cleansing regime one subjects oneself to.

Fasting Books

Fasting can save your Life by Dr. Herbert Shelton. Who fasted over 40,000 most of whom were medical discards

Mucusless Diet – A scientific method to eating your way to health by Prof. Arnold Ehret

Rational Fasting by Prof. Arnold Ehret.

My Way by Dr. Boris Chaitow (also fasted over 40,000 individuals over a forty year period)

No-breakfast Plan and Fasting Cure by Dr. E. H. Dewey (health Culture Co N.Y.)

Fasting for the Cure of Disease by Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard (The Vegetarian Magazine, Idaho)

Fasting for Health,by Bernarr Macfadden (Physical Culture Co. N.Y.)

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