Ben Adamah - Writings on the Truth about the Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind.




(Edited and enlarged July 2012)

If one wishes to continue to have faith in the beliefs one has been inculcated in, most especially one's religious beliefs, and to live in ignorance of what the Author of this work knows to be the truth of the nature of life and mankind, then we strongly advise not to proceed reading this work any further. This work has nothing to do with imaginary man-gods, messiahs or saviours and so-called after death hells and heavens, it is a presentation of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. It also presents what the Author perceives as the state of ignorance of the gullible masses, in the belief of all the iffy assumptions of the scientific establishment, and the dogma of Religion, with false and manipulative promises of salvation, by the potential discovery of miraculous drugs by the former establishment, or some mythical saviour by the institutions of the latter, none of which will ever come to pass.


What the Author of this work, and many of the other works he recommends one study, is all about presenting the means one needs to employ to reclaim the once natural State of Enlightenment, the Ageless State of Well Being, one's earthly mission.


All the Grand Masters of the past first attained the State of Enlightenment, before they began their earthly mission, presenting by personal demonstration, and then by word of mouth, the same Universal doctrines of the Scientific Nature of Life and Mankind. After their death their teachings were steadily corrupted and have degenerated into present day Ecclesiasticism.

The purpose of this section is to elucidate the teachings of the Ancient Masters on the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind and also present the almost identical practical methods they advocated for the attainment of individual perfection.


The first of the grand masters was Chrishna from whose teachings came Brahmanism, followed by Gautama Buddha, from his teachings Buddhism, Pythagoras, Zoroaster, and Nebuchadnezzar were all about the same time presenting the teachings of the two previous master's teachings which they had acquired from their masters in Egypt and India.

Then came Apollinius of Tyana the great sage of the First Century A.D, the founder of Christianity as it is known today. Christianity arouse primarily from the teachings of Apollonius of Tyana who taught the way and the means towards a purity of being. Before he disappeared, he presented his teachings in a written work, in his mother tongue, on the Island of Patmos, which was originally known as “The Initiation of the Anointed One”, a translated copy of a manuscript given to him by his Indian teacher, Guru Icarhis in Northern India, under whom he studied in the third decade AD. The last great teacher was Quetzalcoastl from whose teachings came the Mayan religion. Over time some of their teachings became the guiding principles of the Inca civilisation. As I have limited knowledge on the writings in the Koran, I am purposely not making any comments on it or the man who was the Founder of the Islamic Religion.

However! I think all the great teachers from Gautama Buddha onwards have had the purity of their teachings corrupted to meet the desires of the civilisations they came from and to placate the male egos of the population, the main reason for the strongly male orientation of ecclesiasticism.

Unfortunately, all the great sages down the ages have had to diminish the principles they advocated to include some undesirable aspects of living habits in the communities they were endeavouring to guide, especially concerning diet and the male-female orientation.


The aim of the founders of the Great Religions of the world was to teach humanity the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind, which after their death always degenerated into super naturalistic ecclesiastic systems both incomprehensible and impractical because they were not foundered on the natural law of life. The original teachings of the great founders of all religions has been perverted by the clerical founders of ecclesiasticism.


Almost all the records of the knowledge of the greatest minds as far back as recorded history of the Chaldean Empire, Egypt, India, Ethiopia and many other areas were housed in the Alexandrian Library at Thebes. Some say an excess of 280,000 manuscripts and other recordings were housed there. The building with its contents was burnt down under the instructions of the Roman Pagan Priests after they had ransacked it, in order to conceal the source of the fraudulent, plagiarised, perverted Religion they were in the process of creating, commencing from the year 325 A.D. at the behest of Emperor Constantine because he wanted a religion to his liking. This treacherous act plunged mankind into more than 1700 years of darkness and it still does, ignorant of the scientific nature of the universe, life and mankind. And, which mankind does not seem capable of finding it's way out of. To this day mankind has less awareness of itself and its place in the natural world than a lowly savage, and is well on the way to reducing the planet to a desert in it's ignorance of how best to meet it's needs.

Many of the Manuscripts the Roman Pagan Priests took from the Alexandrian Library were until recently stored in the Archival Vaults under the Vatican. The Author knows that revealing them, if they still exist, and have not recently been burnt or shredded, would destroy all the religions that exist in the world today, because of the Truths contained in them of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. If they saw the light of day Religion would be as dead as a dodo and Mankind would be set free from the Tyranny of ignorance it has been suffering from for the last 1700 years.

Until the 19th Century, anyone who attempted to reveal the truth of the fraudulent nature of the religion and the saviour created in the 3rd. Century A.D. was swiftly dealt with or threatened with death, unless they repudiated what they had discovered of the fraud in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Anglican Church was not much better.

In the 5th century A.D. Archbishop Chrysostomus boasted that every trace of the Ancient Philosophy and Literature had vanished from the face of the earth. The Roman Catholic Church went to every means possible, including mass murder to undermine the beliefs the masses had in the teachings of the founders of their religions. Now you know why we have so little knowledge of Ancient Egypt and the other advanced civilisations of the past.

In the 10th Century Pope Leo revealed how profitable the creation of their mythical saviour Jesus Christ had been to the Roman Catholic Church.

This civilisation is only now beginning to come out of the dark ages with glimpses of the scientific nature of the universe, life and mankind. Until recently it was handicapped mainly by the religious beliefs the researchers had, and because they feared reprisals from the religious establishments. By far however, the biggest handicap is the medical council around the world preventing the truth of the scientific nature of Mankind's Constitution of seeing the light of day. They live in fear, an unwarranted belief, that should a critical mass of people acquire the knowledge of the scientific nature of Mankind's Constitution, it would be the death of the Medical Profession.


I will repeat, after I provide the background, what I said to Dr. George Campbell in 1968.

He was one of the World Famous Duo of Physicians which included Surgeon Capt. Cleave in India. They were the leading researchers in the world of the causes of degenerate diseases. Unfortunately, like all scientific findings that mankind could benefit from they were never broadcasted for public enlightenment and were consigned to extinction.

In 1968 George witnessed a human being that he considered uninsurable, overweight, that had had two heart attacks, one at the end of 1965 and the next in the middle of 1966. After he had done the last check in 1968 for the insurance companies on the Author's health, he decided he needed to conduct a second check because he was baffled by his findings of the first one. It astounded him to find that the Author's vital statistics (ECG after 20 minutes of ladder climbing) way exceeded any Olympic Champion that he had heard of. This little anecdote is covered in more detail in other sections of this work. .

Dr. George Campbell's response

His response to the Author was the following “I don't know what you have done to achieve your present state of health. If you could impart the knowledge to mankind of whatever you have done to achieve what you have achieved in less than three years, you would within 18 months, probably put as many as 90% of our profession out of work. We could close down 90% percent of all the beds in the hospitals around the world because we and they would only be needed for accidents. It would also mean the end of the Pharmaceutical Industry.”

Ben Adamah's reply:

“Firstly, one would have to teach mankind how to develop a Garden of Eden, then teach it how to tend it. Then begin to teach it how to select and meet it's needs from it according to the nature of it's constitution.”

Thus George was informed that it would never ever begin to happen.

What are the author's intentions?

What the Author will be doing throughout this work is present the truth of the wisdom of the Ancient Grand Masters to the best of his ability and to the limits of the (Author's) syntax of communication, by offering possibly a more scientific explanation of the practical methods all the Ancient Masters and teachers that have come into the world over the last 2500 years advocated for the attainment of individual perfection.

Ben Adamah trusts that this work will fill in all the missing gaps in the knowledge of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind contained in the various works he has recommended studying. Many of the works recommended do provide a more comprehensive and detailed description at times on some of the subjects of this work but they do not offer a comprehensive practical usable approach to attaining enlightenment. At times they may also differ with Ben Adamah's presentation on various subjects. Mainly because of their limited scientific knowledge on various aspects of the scientific nature on which they have been written.

The Author strongly urges any aspirant not to accept any Authority (including the Author's) until one has studied this work to it's conclusion. By then the Author trusts that one will have sufficient insights to become an authority unto oneself and fill in any missing pieces the Author may have omitted.

However, one's ability is limited until one has attained physical purity and opened the Seventh Seal which guards the Human Genome, the entire Historical Records of Mankind contained in the Pineal Gland, which was originally known as the Ark of the Covenant. The Covenant is the historical record which provides the program (genetic blueprint) of how to build the body during the gestation period and thereafter in order to continue maintaining it's function for the rest of one's earthly sojourn, even under the duress it is subjected to by mankind's present lifestyle. When the Pineal Gland is saturated and encrusted from the wastes in the blood stream it gives up the ghost and one dies, because it can no longer be supplied with the life force – energy it needs to continue to maintain the body.

Be prepared for all of what is to follow

Be prepared to accept that this work is going to test all or most of those beliefs and functions one has within the course of daily life. The author would like to think the information contained in all of his writings on the Scientific Nature of Life and Mankind will make a profound difference (improvement) to the quality of life of whoever has chosen to study them. However, as much as one accepts the truths contained in them, the information will remain of no value, unless they have become a living experience and not just another belief.


The first aim of this section is to get one to realise what having a belief does imply. It will begin to dispel some of the erroneous beliefs one mistakenly thinks are the truth, which are reaping one of the chance of making something of one's life. Also to make sure one realises that one cannot avoid reaping what one sows, particularly as a result of unnatural and unhealthy living habits.

To accept and conduct one's life on the adoption of second hand beliefs of another would not seem to be very intelligent to anyone with the slightest common sense.

For one to begin to “see” one needs to be prepared to relinquish all those beliefs and theories on medical science and religious dogma one has been inculcated with from early childhood.


To have a belief implies that one does not know, that one does not have first-hand knowledge (experience).
To have a belief when acted upon implies a gamble on one's future, and perhaps an if only scenario.
Belief implies that in all likelihood it is only one possible possibility among many.
Belief implies that one does not know the truth.

However, Truth does not require belief or faith.
Belief demands that one have blind faith in it and if it is the only one, among many possibilities, the odds are one is going to fail.

If one is not a seeker of the truth then one is lost and living a mindless, meaningless life and will in all likelihood go to one's grave a forlorn individual.

Living ignorant of self

As long as one continues to carry on living ignorant of the truth and continues with the never ending means to distract oneself from taking responsibility (lack of integrity) for one's own well-being, the quicker the deterioration of one's health goes, the shorter one's lifespan and the more miserable and meaningless life becomes.

One will appreciate a lot more of what the Author is presenting when one gets a thorough understanding of how to THINK. We highly recommend to anyone who has not got a copy of the “Passionate Mind” by Joel Kramer, to purchase one A.S.A.P. I can assure anyone who studies it repeatedly that they will soon realise that to have a belief especially when it cannot be substantiated by personal experience, or to one's benefit, is the biggest handicap to one's learning, growth and development. Especially beliefs in religious ecclesiasticism and trust in Medical Science, both of which will almost certainly handicap one in fulfilling the ultimate mission each one of us is ordained and meant to succeed in and to fulfill, while in this mortal body, which is to 'know thyself' and attain the Enlightened State of Being. Neither the Religious nor the Medical Establishments are in any way motivated to have mankind become enlightened. Their sole first interest is self-enrichment. They are also handicapped by a whole lot of erroneous beliefs to even begin to enlighten mankind on how one would go about the attainment of individual perfection.

The Author of this work is most decidedly convinced, because so many verifiable facts of the nature of life and mankind point to it, that until one has reached the Enlightened, Realised State of Being, one will continue life after life to return to an earthly existence.

There are no alternatives; there is no choice really, so one needs to get on with the quest of Enlightenment.

The Enlightened State of being is an ageless state. It is only possible if one is fully committed with the fullest intention on attaining physical and psychological purity and thereafter living strictly to the laws of one's constitution. The ageless state is only possible when the body has been able to eliminate all the wastes, without putting undue stress on the organs followed by a diet which does not re-contaminate the body.

Death offers no escape from one's misdemeanours. There is no mythical god or Saviour, and the Author strongly suggests one does not believe there is, especially when pleading for forgiveness. The only one who can save or forgive one, is oneself. Pleading ignorance of the truth in regard to one's well-being implies one has shirked one's responsibilities, and therefore deserves to reap any, and all the suffering, which may result there from.

Challenges in life

Without challenges in life, what motivation would there be? The challenges in life offer the possibility of a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, very necessary for one's growth. Accepting what is, one does not have a choice. Be great-full that life poses these challenges for one's growth and fulfilment! However, the majority of mankind spends it's existence remaining involved in mindless and meaningless pursuits, all of which are distractions from taking responsibility. The Author has always considered the challenges life poses on earth to be the (personal source) potential for growth and for the individual path to Enlightenment - Realisation of Being.


The number symbols of the ancient master's sacred code

Before Ben Adamah begins the exercise of explaining the scientific meanings of all the number symbols from 1 to 10 in the physical context, 11 to 100 in the conscious context and 101 to 1000 in the cosmic context, the Author will provide a little example of the construction and science of some of the Cosmic, Conscious and Physical Archetypes (original meanings) of the Ancient Masters.

Without going into two much detail, all that is in the Universe is energy, bundled together (in correspondence with a creative context) in various wave forms producing all there is and never not being in perfect correspondence – harmony with the environment in which it comes into existence. How could it be otherwise? The highest frequency bundle, which is the highest level of Cosmic manifestation, which is inadvertently referred to or thought of as spiritual manifestation is 10 to the power of minus 700, the so-called “N”th. Degree, meaning all the possible possibilities of manifestation (all that is) in the Universe, which is 10 with 700 noughts behind it. The highest level of unenlightened Consciousness (day to day awareness) attainable is 10 to the power of minus 70, which has nothing to do with an individual's life span. The highest level of physical manifestation is 10 to the power of minus 7 (this has nothing to do with the earth having been made in seven days), also referred to scientifically as the hydrogen ion base, which in layman terms is the neutral state of a solution of elements, which is neither alkaline or acidic. However, the Ancient Masters were referring to the fact that all life forms come into earthly existence with 7 levels/states of energy. The seven master endocrine glands of the body are one example, also sound, light (colours) and mineral elements.

Here is a sample of the construction, science and
the meaning of some of the ancient master's archetypes

According to the Ancient Masters the brain houses twelve cosmic (spiritual) nerve centres which surround the Pineal Gland, which was originally referred to as the Royal Centre, and later referred to as the Ark. The Covenant (Sacred Font) is none other than the human genome which carries (imprinted with) the entire historical record of the human race. These twelve nerve centres are under the influence of the Twelve signs, the houses of the Astrologer's Zodiac. The house in which one's birth falls in, will determine the dominant power that influences one's life. Whoever can rise above and conquer this influence, has attained the realised undifferentiated state of being, and has acquired the ability to access the entire historical record of mankind. “The father that dwell'th within thee”, is the human genome contained in the Masters House (the Pineal Gland with it's many mansions). Whoever has acquired this state knows “All”, because they have unimpeded access to the entire historical records.

All those names of the characters in the first 5 chapters of Genesis were Ancient Scientific Archetypes before they were personalised by Ezra in the 6th. Century B.C. when he prepared the Pentateuch, the Book of Laws for his people. All those personalised names that had an H added to their names had attained the resonant, undifferentiated Enlightened State of Cosmic Conscious and would then have had access to mankind's historical past, the genome, housed in the Pineal Gland.

Following are some of the Archetypes which were personalised in the Scripture, that reached Enlightenment.

In Christianity when Judas became Judah he had reached the enlightened state.

In Judaism when Moses became Moshe, he reached the state of Cosmic Consciousness, the Enlightened State.

The Ancient Archetype pre-Babylonian Abram, the Archetype (original meaning) of an unrealised being in a physical body became Abraham, which is the realised state in the physical Body: the Realised State of the Being in the afterlife is the Archetype Sarah. Sarai being an unrealised being in the afterlife. These four Ancient Archetypes have nothing to do with a male or female being. The “R” in each of the latter two archetypes is the Immortal Cosmic body that never dies. In the flesh it is contained in “b” the physical mortal earthly body, and after death it is contained in, (or returns to) “S” the Cosmic Reservoir, which originally was and still is the Ancient Brahman Sanskrit Archetypal aspect of Shiva which was the same as the Chaldean Archetype Sheen. The Chaldean Archetype Abraham being Brahman is just presented in a slightly different way.

All of these Symbols, long before they became letters of Alphabets, were numerals depicting states of energy. These Number Symbols were used by the Ancient Masters to explain the Science and Laws governing the Universe, Life and Mankind.

Jewish heritage descended from a Chaldean Abraham, as did their alphabet, language and religion.

Here is an explanation of the Archetypes Hell and Heaven
after Ben Adamah employed the symbols to decipher them.


The archetype Hell is not a place one is sent to for all one's earthly misdemeanour's and transgressions. The precise meaning of this archetype when deciphered means the lowest state of consciousness from which one needs to be woken. Hell is an of unconsciousness state of existence, being ignorant, a dolt, brain dead. This work's objective could be described as awakening Lazarus from the brain dead state, which means to awaken one from the unnatural state of being unaware, unconscious of self. Hence the greatest challenge in life is to “KNOW THYSELF”.


Whereas the opposite of Hell, is Heaven which is not a place one is sent to for a saintly, earthly sojourn. Heaven is a psychological state of being that (any) one has achieved through a life of purity, first and foremost physiological purity. Heaven is an omniscient, all knowing, Enlightened State of Being. When one has an insight of the number symbol code which the Ancient Masters employed in recording their wisdom on the laws of the universe, life and mankind and one uses it to decipher all the many archetypes in religious scriptures and thousands of words in many dictionaries, one will also be able to comprehend the precise meaning of Heaven, Human, Birth, Death, Haven, Noah, Chrishna, Jesus, etc. The list runs to many thousands of archetypes which have a far more profound meaning of what is perceived by the words of language as defined by the dictionary. The Author of this work intends to share the Number Symbols (states of Energy) which all the Ancient Masters employed to record their knowledge on the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind long before the founders of all the great religions were on the earth.

Let us take a look at what the Archetype “Brain” when deciphered means:

There are not many individuals that know that Sir Francis Bacon the Shaker of the Spear “Shakespeare” employed the Ancient Number Symbols in providing us within excess of twenty thousand Archetypes in the English Language.

One example, an excellent one that most people only have a limited day to day mundane concept and knowledge of it's meaning, is the Archetype Brain:

The “B” is the physical container that results from polarity, it's very appearance indicates two points of energy. That is why the Archetypes Being, Body, Bible and Building all begin with “B”.

The “R” is the Human Genome, as is the “R' in the Ark, the “R” in Abraham and Sarah. It is the Immortal Being that never dies, it is You, it is also the father that dwell'th within. Hence the saying “I and the father are one”.

Hence the sayings:
“There is never a time that thee has not been or shall not Be”
“ There is no beginning because there is no ending – everything is – the only thing that dies is the Physical Container, the flesh and body, but you live on and continue going through the Life- Death, Life - Death Cycle which is the First Law of the Universe, the Archetype “Adam”

Simply there is no separation in the Cosmic Reservoir.

The “B” is the Numeral 2, the Mortal Body, whereas the R” is the numeral 200 which is the Immortal Being that never dies, that is right, you are Eternal. Death offers no escape, it is a prelude to a new Birth.

The “N” is the numeral 700 to the Nth degree, all the possible possibilities, which is the “N” in Human, Heaven, Haven, Noah.

So the Archetype Brain means the physical Mortal Receptacle 'B' (the flesh) which contains the Immortal Being 'R', the Human Genome, which has 'N' the Nth degree of potential Consciousness.

The belief in a God/Yod been a creative being out there somewhere, is an unscientific insidious belief which needs to be abandoned.

The Archetype God is that which is created/arises out of Yod (a Chaldean Archetype) a creative field. The latter Archetype appropriated by Ezra when he was released from captivity in Babylon. He misinterpreted it's meaning thinking of it as some entity in the Cosmos that saved his people from captivity in Babylon. Yod, the energy numerals 10 by 4 in actual fact meant a creative field (context) which has four helical sources of energy utilising the four states of energy in the creation of the Zygote, the primary cell which thereafter through division and subdivision develops into a living entity that breathes and exists. This is the most important Archetypes one needs to comprehend, come to grips with, no longer endeavouring to interpret the meaning.


The creator in the scriptures is supposedly a God (Christian) or Yod (Judaic). However the latter YOD being the Ancient Masters archetype for a Creative Field depicting the number symbol Y - 10, energy, originally depicted as a sine wave, D – 4 is the four sources and states of energy. These four sources and states of energy are the determinants for a Creative Field (context) in which all the interrelated conditions in the womb transmute a pre-exiting entity into a (all) living physical earthly being. The four sources of energy comprise two pairs of helical fields of energy, each pair having a negatively charged centrifugal force, the sun and sperm which are attracted to their opposite half of the pair, positively charged centripetal helix of energy, the earth and the ova.

The animating force of everything that lives is the negatively charged centrifugal force, which emanates from the sun and all the other suns in our galaxy. The centrifugal negatively charged energy from the sun is partly under the influence and attraction of a positively charged centripetal body which is the earth and the other planets. In the case of conception of mankind the negatively charged centrifugal energy of the sperm is subject to the attraction of the positively charged centripetal energy of the ova.

However, for any manifestation to exist in a mortal body, the four states of energy are required. The first state being fire, the animating energy from the sun, which as its attenuation decreases, becomes all the gases, biblically referred to as the breathe of life. Then at a still lower attenuation in vibratory frequency the gases become all the liquids, the so-called blood of life, and lower still liquid/lava becomes solid, all the minerals of the earth or anywhere in the universe. Way back, billions of years ago, it was exactly this process that created the earth and all the planets. And under the influence of a creative context proceeded to begin the creation of all living things. And here you have the Creative Context which produced all animals.

That is why the sun is the only living Yod, the creative power and the source of all the gases, liquids, and minerals which produces all that live'th. Fire is the living Yod without which no physical thing would exist.


God being the Ancient Masters archetype for all that has been created from a pre-existing possibility – that which is transmuted from an invisible blueprint into an earthly (visible) existence by the addition of earthly (mineral - dust) matter to the state of that which is created.

To follow shortly an extensive definition of the Seven “G” (in God) states of energy of all creation.

The Greatest Biologist and Anthropologist of the Twentieth Century was Dr. Alexis Carrel A Research Scientist at the Rockefeller Institute

The Greatest Biologist and Anthropologist of the Twentieth Century, a Noble prize winner who wrote a book “MAN THE UNKNOWN” which belittled the scientific profession across the world by inferring their knowledge of life and the constitution of man (all creation) was too rudimentary to be of much value. The publishing of this book cost him not just his livelihood, it cost him his citizenship of the U.S.A , and it also cost him his life, why because his knowledge was too dangerous to the vested interests of those who consider the masses as mere means to satisfy their wants.


"An organ builds itself by techniques very foreign to the human mind. It is not made of extraneous material (food), like a house. Neither is it a cellular construction, a mere assemblage of cells. It is, of course, composed of cells, as a house is of bricks. But it is born of a cell, as if the house originated from one brick, a magic brick (the parent cell) that would set about manufacturing other bricks. Those bricks, without waiting for the architect’s drawings or the coming of the bricklayers, would assemble themselves and form the walls. They would also metamorphose into windowpanes, roof- slates, coal for heating, and water for the kitchen and bathroom. An organ develops by means such as attributed to fairies in the tales told to children in bygone times. It is engendered by cells which, to all appearances, have the knowledge of the future edifice, and synthesise from the substances contained in the blood plasma the building material and even the workers."

Dr. Alexis Carrel also stated the cell was immortal, that if the purity of the blood was maintained the cell had the potential to live forever. For 27 years he kept a group of cells from a chicken heart alive in a test tube with no signs of aging by merely replacing at regular intervals the fluid in which they were stored.


A person with integrity is one who is seeking/striving to know oneself, whose lifestyle enhances their knowledge and well-being and in no way diminishes the potential of the planet to support life. To bring children into the world today, when one cannot be sure that they have a liveable and sustainable future would imply disregard for the child's future well-being and that in turn implies a lack of integrity, or at best, ignorance on the part of its parents. They are the product of the ignorance of this civilisation, so one must possibly forgive them for “They know not what they do”, as does this civilisation. Ignorance always comes from an “I don't care” attitude, doing what pleases one in the moment, any excuse or means to avoid taking responsibility. Most people spend their lives either mentally masturbating about trivial nonsense, and when not doing that they use an endless range of activities to distract them from their miserable UN-fulfilling existence. Food, alcohol, sport, TV, drugs, the list is endless.

Until 1965 the Author was conducting his life doing just that off and on, and then because of health reasons made a dramatic change to his life style. Anything and everything that was in anyway distracting him from taking responsibility for every aspect of his life was discarded. Both a lifestyle and house cleansing program commenced. Freeing oneself from the encumbrances of the modern centralised world is the most liberating experience, a breath of freshness.

The lifestyle of the present civilisation is well on the way to destroying the earth's capacity to support life as we know it. Unfortunately it is also a result of the loss of the Wisdom of the Ancient Masters. This civilisation now accepts and believes in religious dogma and scientific assumptions about life and mankind. Ignorance will prevail until we re-discover and apply the scientific nature of life and mankind. Herein lays the reason why the Author has decided to share with the world wisdom of the Ancient Masters, for those few individuals, who are still seeking Enlightenment.

Until one begins to have some knowledge of the truth of the nature of life, then author strongly urges anyone studying this work to accept these tenets as possibilities worth striving for:

  • That I am an Immortal being inhabiting a Temporal Physical body on a planet called Earth with a mission to fulfil, the reason for me being here.
  • That I have a choice whether I continue with the endless cycle of life-death, life-death, or make the effort to fulfil this mission in this lifetime.
  • That there is no release from an earthly existence until I have fulfilled my earthly mission of attaining the Realised state of Enlightenment.
  • That I cannot attain the Realised state of Enlightenment while I continue to defile the Temple (one's physical body) of the soul (one's cosmic body) with unhealthy living habits.
  • That the next phase of the evolution of my Soul can only proceed on accomplishing the mission which I was ordained to accomplish while on my earthly Sojourns.

Overview of the wisdom of the ancient masters of the scientific nature of the universe, life and mankind and a little of its history

After forty years of deliberation Ben Adamah has been persuaded to share with the world some of the scientific knowledge of the Ancient Masters. Primarily for those few individuals who are still seeking Enlightenment and the knowledge they need to attain it. This civilisation is Hell bent on destroying the sustainability of the planet and not giving the slightest thought for the children they have brought into the world.

The Science of the Ancient Masters was known for tens of thousands of years before the Masters of the Chaldean Empire and were surly responsible for the building of the Great Pyramid. This knowledge was widely known in the geographical areas of what is today India, Egypt, the Middle East, centering around Iraq, Ethiopia, and South and Central America. All of them losing the knowledge at some time in their history after been overrun by ignorant warring cultures. Many very reputable researchers say the knowledge of the Chaldean Masters could be hundreds of thousands of years old, as old as as their knowledge on the recordings/charts of both Astronomy and Astrology. I believe and am prepared to accept they knew– but I supposedly don't know. They of course were the founders and the builders of Babylon with the famous Hanging Gardens, a self sufficient and benevolent society living as close to mankind's natural diet within the limits imposed on them by the surrounding cultures.

The Chaldean Empire including it's capital Babylon with its advanced culture was destroyed by Cyrus. The Inca Empire another highly enlightened civilisation was destroyed by the Murderous Christian Conquistadors. Don't believe a word of the derogatory fabricated lies presented about the history of the Inca Kingdom.

What was once the scientific nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind and the reason for being, is now unrecognisable in the scriptures. Most of what is now perceived as knowledge and presented to the public as factual by the scientific establishment, with regard to the nature of life and mankind are assumptions with very little creditability or too rudimentary to even be considered of any value. The Science of the Ancient Masters will be presented in detail where appropriate throughout this work.

The Science of the Ancient Masters warned of the potential down fall of mankind and the reason why it would occur. Before certain corruptions of their knowledge took place they warned that if mankind digressed from the laws that govern its constitution it would surely die. At least some of the world's most renowned and respected scientists have made the obvious and simple discovery that the only reason why one ages, and eventually dies, is as a result of saturating the body with wastes, primarily acidic wastes from the food and drinks one consumes. Ben Adamah can conclusively prove that the consumption of eating unnatural foods which after digestion begin saturating the body with acidic wastes.“one eats to live and eats to die”

The science of the ancient masters provided practical methods to attain self-realisation also referred to as enlightenment and super consciousness.

One attains Super Consciousness on gaining access to the Super Conscious Brain

There are definitely two separate Brains, the Super Conscious Brain only accessible to the limited few who have attained physical purity and practised continence for an extended period on mankind's natural diet. Only then will one have access to what the Author refers to as the Super-conscious Universal Brain , the Pineal Gland, referred to by the medical profession as the atrophied third eye, which was referred to historically as the ARK, which is the container of the human genome. The COVENANT is the Human Genome which is the entire historical record of mankind's heritage. Don't be concerned that you may have missed out, because the Human Genome contains all the records of how to build your body from the one cell. It has also provided us with a perfect set of instincts to meet all our needs infallibly.


Whoever attains Enlightenment knows “All”, because they have access to all the historical records of the human race, the Human Genome.

Study 'Super Consciousness and Brains Modus Operandi', and the section 'Prenatal and Postnatal Origin of Genius' if you wish to become a know “ALL”.

The above is only an introduction to what will in time be the major section of this site and will be expanded on again next month.

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