Ben Adamah - Writings on the Truth about the Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind.


(March 2012)

Super consciousness, cosmic or collective consciousness, is the natural inborn potential of functioning of the Super Conscious - Universal Brain, of any individual, having reacquired the Ageless State of Being. Super Consciousness and the Ageless State of Being are possible on attaining physical and psychological purity referred to in religion as been reborn.

This exalted State of Cosmic (Super) Conciousness ('The Covenant”) is none other than what is referred to as the Realised Ageless State of Enlightenment, that all the Ancient Masters and Founders of the religions of the world were telling was the mission all mankind had to strive to achieve, reach, realise on our earthly sojourn.


There are in actual fact two very distinct Brains Centres, not one as everybody believes.
There is the cerebral mass with it's left and right hemispheres that enables one to function at a rudimentary level in one's daily life. The so-called logic/reasoning brain. Ben Adamah refers to it as the Beta Mind that functions between 13 and 33 cycles per second, then there is the Super Conscious Brain that functions at the resonant frequency of the Cosmos at 8 cycles per second which is the Alpha - Theta Brain. The Beta Brain-Cerebral Mass controls all the other organs of the body and maintains the biological and neural functioning of the body within a range of limits, it houses the control centres of the Instincts, the memory banks of experience in this life received through the senses since inception in the womb but not before. The acquired information from personal experience and education stored in the memory banks of the cerebral mass only gives one the ability to communicate within the limits of those experiences and education.


Super Consciousness is the natural inborn state of brain functioning, with an innate, inherent potential already existing in every one, not requiring any external inputs (learning) or programming. All mankind would ever have needed to know how to live in perfect harmony, in correspondence with it's environment was programmed into the parent cell, the zygote at conception by genetic encoding from the sperm and ova. All animals and insects in their natural environment live in harmony with their surroundings and know everything they need to know to meet all their potential needs from inception through their own genome. Mankind in the beginning also had the same natural ability until it digressed from it's natural diet and in so doing lost the ability to access the Super Conscious Brain with the records of inherited inborn instinctive wisdom.

The inborn instincts (wisdom) in humans are encoded genetic memories in the master, all knowing brain, the pineal gland, Anciently referred to as the Ark of the Covenant. Included are the four instincts, smell, sight, touch and taste when in a healthy state gave mankind the infallible ability to select all its needs according to the biological requirements of the body.

They are inherited Instincts, the historical memories of the human species, a genome, dating back to when mankind first made it's appearance on earth, which is encoded into the parent cell providing it with all the information it required to build and maintain our body.
The parent cell is the Ark of the Immortal Self while that cell continues to live. It contains the Covenant, the Blueprint of the Super human and as one cleanses the physical body it sets about resurrecting it. The simple and the obvious process of how to realise it will follow.

What follows is a quote which gives one a more descriptive explanation of the parent cell which is referred to as a magic brick on Page 76 of "MAN THE UNKNOWN" by DR ALEXIS CARREL (NOBEL PRIZE WINNER) considered by many to have been the world greatest Biologist and Anthropologist of the 20th century.

"An organ builds itself by techniques very foreign to the human mind. It is not made of extraneous material (food), like a house. Neither is it a cellular construction, a mere assemblage of cells. It is, of course, composed of cells, as a house is of bricks. But it is born of a cell, as if the house originated from one brick, a magic brick (the parent cell) that would set about manufacturing other bricks. Those bricks, without waiting for the architect’s drawings or the coming of the bricklayers, would assemble themselves and form the walls. They would also metamorphose into windowpanes, roof-slates, coal for heating, and water for the kitchen and bathroom. An organ develops by means such as attributed to fairies in the tales told to children in bygone times. It is engendered by cells which, to all appearances, have the knowledge of the future edifice, and synthesise from the substances contained in the blood plasma the building material and even the workers."

There is nothing else in life more important than a healthy diet and environment.

Mankind was once a Superman, should be Superwoman in physical strength, psychologically serene and Super Conscious. It is merely a case of re-claiming this dormant innate potential. If this potential did not exist in the past, it would not be possible to attain now. Many have had a glimpse of it in special inexplicable moments and through the ages we believe that others (the great teachers) had realised it. Ben Adamah realised more than 50 years ago that there never is a time that I am not that I am. The only reason anyone is not revealing their ultimate state of being, is because their physical and psychological bodies have been defiled and are functioning in a degenerated state, the effect of an unhealthy lifestyle and sexual incontinence.

The inscription 'Nuk Puh Nuk' on the head stone on the entrance to the Grand Pyramid at Giza means I am that I am. I am the dormant potential that will be revealed on attaining physical purity and a chaste lifestyle.

Following on the Aramaic writings stated that;
“Thou shalt never know thy heavenly father within thee (the Super Cosmic Brain) until thou has cleansed the Temple (body) of the Soul (the Solar body) and obeyed thy Earthly Mother (nature)”. Which meant living according to the natural constitution of one's being, the fruit diet that nature intended one partake of.

(The word godliness is used here meaning an immaculate state of being)

Mankind has no hope of reclaiming a Super Conscious state of being, while it continues the consumption of foods inappropriate to the body's requirements and partakes of all the meaningless, unhealthy psychological stimuli endeavouring to distract itself from a meaningless existence.


The choice is yours. You can choose to continue living a meaningless existence and never finding yourself or seek and attain Self Realisation and discover that heaven is the sublime, omniscient, serene state of being in the flesh and not some place the religious pundits promise one will reside after death, a paradise in the Cosmos, on condition one obeys all their commandments. And that if one does not follow these commandments one will go to hell.

However on having realised this immaculate state in the physical mortal body one will retain it in the immortal state of being after one has vacated the present physical mortal body. The entire process will be covered in detail when presenting the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind in the section entitled From Science to Religion, from Knowledge to Belief, from Truth to Ignorance. This section will include the original number symbols (sometimes thought of as a Sacred Code) that were employed by the Ancient Grand Masters to present their knowledge on the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. Much later these number symbols became the alphabets of many languages. (Originally Sanskrit and thousands of years later Hebrew, Greek, then Quechwa of the Incas and later still English.

One can be taught the reasons why one is not functioning in a Super Conscious State and also the means one needs to employ to reclaim this Realised, Ageless State of Being. The Super Conscious faculty of the brain is not accessible, until one attains Psycho-Physical purity, and until one does, one will continue to function in a semi-aware state of existence.


The awakening of the Super Conscious State of Being occurs when one has unlocked the Ark, the seat of the Super Concious Brain which resides in the Pineal gland, that contains the Covenant, the entire knowledge of the Collective Unconscious, The Akashic and Cosmic Records which is the inherited human genome.

The Super Conscious State of Being is a natural innate faculty, reaching its full potential spontaneously, on attaining physiological and psychological purity.

The Psychological impurities are recorded on the physiological wastes residing in the body.

And therefore as the cleansing of the physical body progresses all the psychological garbage accumulated is played back, and by just letting them be (acceptance of the past- self forgiveness) these tapes will no longer have the ability to be an impediment to attaining the sublime state of being. These impediments arose from the judgement or rejection of some occurrence in one's past.

On attaining physical purity all the tapes, physiological wastes on which all the past distorted psychological experiences were originally recorded going as far back as to one's conception in the womb would have been rendered impotent.

It does not require some mentor/guru to guide one. The rejection, judgement or resistance of those past experiences have had the ongoing control on how one functioned in the now. So the sooner one can free oneself from their control the sooner one's life will begin to function as was intended.


The potential of Super Consciousness is there to be reclaimed/rediscovered, however only if one is fully committed to reacquire this exulted state of being through a thorough cleansing of the physiological and psychological bodies. Followed by a lifestyle appropriate to attaining physiological and psychological excellence.

The cleansing process of these two vehicles/containers (the physiological and psychological bodies) is purified simultaneously and when followed by the rejuvenation of the physical body on it's natural diet and a period of continence will open the seven seals of the seven endocrine glands and corresponding seven nerve plexus of the book/physical body.

These Seven were originally known and named at least 8000 years ago as the seven chakras by the Ancient Masters residing in India.

For the Christian fraternity it is the raising of the five loaves, the lower five glands of the endocrine system to the thousands, to there original operating potential in a healthy body, followed by raising the two master glands (the two fishes), the pituitary and pineal gland to the thousands, which implies to their Nth degree of potential, which is known as the marriage of the lamb.

When the pituitary gland has been purified/cleansed and is supplied by the gonads with rarefied cerebra-spinal fluid it will reactivate, the pineal gland, the unseeing, third eye.



Be aware the stronger one's beliefs, the more blind one becomes to listening, hearing and seeing. Hence the saying 'none so blind as those who will not see”. To have a belief may make one right, it can and possibly will make one 'Dead right and six foot under.' Don't let one's Egotistical beliefs dictate and ruin one's life. To function in a state of belief in any moment of time, means one can not be clearly aware of, or living in, the now. In other words a belief, is a personal despot from the past which is always conditioning and even possibly destroying the experience of the now.

Do not miss getting a copy of “The Passionate Mind” by Joel Kramer and read it many times.

Most of one's beliefs must be thought of as only one possibility among many, and in all likely hood not valid, and merely adopted second hand ideas about something some one else imagined and in most cases not the truth about anything one could think of. To have a belief rather than thinking of it as merely one possibility among many is the surest way to inhibit learning and growth.

What is needed is a house cleansing of all the accumulated past memories which are inhibiting one's present functioning. Scientology calls it auditing, which is employing an accelerated confronting way of dissolving the impact of past incomplete experiences which are affecting one adversely in the now. Meditation also achieves the same result but at a more gentle pace. Both processes become superfluous merely by cleansing the physiology of the body and the acceptance of whatever past memory arises.

The whole process of reclaiming (being Reborn) the Super Conscious State of Being is Effortless, however in reality it is difficult because one is sucked back into one's old habits so easily. Friends and family are a ball and chain. Unless one can stay totally focused with an intent, a commitment that comes from a deep desire, one will surely fail.

Don't think trying with will power (manipulation) is going to succeed, it will always lead to failure. The use of will power is a coercive attempt to not function in accordance to one's beliefs. Until one comes to the realisation that one's beliefs are the root of all evil internally and in the world, one will always fail. Here one can see the connection to a belief in heaven and the desire by extremists to commit suicide are linked.


In reality one is bound by psychological shackles which when untied will set one free.

The present education system is to bind one with psychological shackles with the belief that if one obeys the system one will be rewarded, especially the belief of religious dogma. Of course this is the lie which almost everybody believes/accepts, thereby becoming economic slaves to those in power. Education is leading humanity further away from nature and deeper into the artificial world of consumerism.


The majority of mankind validates it's reason for any action or response to external stimuli based primarily on what it believes from learned experiences and what modern mankind is educated to believe. Most of which are either untruths or iffy assumptions to do the bidding of those in power.


Everything that lives on earth are endowed through the creative process with all they need to know for their entire lifespan. They live in peace with there environment except mankind who has lost the nous. They and Mankind have all the necessary KNOW HOW, knowledge programmed into them in the creative process. Mankind would also have that instinctive awareness of the knowledge today if it had not defiled what the Ancient Masters referred to as the Temple (the physical and psychological vehicles) of the Soul/Solar Body.

The education systems is designed to make one obedient to the wishes of those in power, to conditioning one to think and act as they intend you to do. Mankind is now nothing more than a Psychological slave to a neurotic consumption syndrome, the means it employs to distract itself from it's mindless, meaningless unfulfilled existence. The mass of humanity has no concept of enough, it is possessed by it's possessions, a slave to consumerism. The majority of mankind's concious brain responds in an almost unconscious way as if it is a Stimulus Response Machine (ROBOTIC) which has been programmed with no choice.


Be aware that mind, does not exist as a faculty of the Being. Mind is nothing more nor less than the entire recordings, memories of the past stored on tapes in the Brain, which has the ability to resource/recall any of them instantly when triggered by anything with any similarity to anything in the now. Mind is the Brain regurgitating past events recorded in the memory banks.


The Ageless State of Being is reclaimed when the Physiological and Psychological States of the body have attained absolute purity and the being continues adhering in all respects to the constitution of the physiological body, under the guidance of the Super Conscious Brain. The Super Conscious Brain begins to reveal itself as each one of the seven endocrine glands and nerve plexus are opened in sequence and revitalised. When the sixth endocrine, the pituitary Gland, otherwise known historically as Zerrabbel the builder of the Temple (the physical body) opens, it marries, activates the Seventh endocrine gland and plexus which is the Pineal Gland (The Ark of the Covenant - the Lamb). This event is the rebirth of the Super Consciousness, Ageless State, of Being. Mend one's ways and there will be nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. (from one)

This whole process was known as the raising to the thousands, of the five loaves and two fishes (the seven major endocrine glands) also referred to as the raising of, the seven chakras, the seven doors, the seven discs, the seven ganglia to the thousands which is the opening of the seven seals which some religious texts said no one could open. Only because they did not know the potential existed to all mankind on attaining physiological purity. And, not the exclusive ability of some invented man-god.

The present civilisation physically and psychologically is unrecognisable to the Superhuman, Super Conscious Being that first inhabited the earth. The present degenerate state of mankind being the product of generations of living habits contrary to meeting its needs as nature intended.

The attainment of Super Consciousness is only possible after eliminating all the impediments, physiological wastes and psychological wastes and attaining physiological purity.

The Physical body on Mankind's natural diet will produce the purest of cerebrospinal (golden) fluid which will return one to the original Super Conscious state of being, when practising Continence.


What do you want from life, make a choose of one of the two only important choices you really have in life. You can't have both, the second is a challenge, but offers one the completion of one's earthly mission. The other a miserable and meaningless unfulfilled life.

What are the main differences between the state of Ordinary Consciousness of mister-miss norm and someone who has achieved the state of Super Consciousness. Mister-Miss norm operate within the framework/limitation of the beliefs accumulated during this lifespan which have been derived from education and experiences, whereas Mr-Miss Superconscious has direct access to the knowledge and experience in their own all knowing Super Conscious Brain which they inherited at inception and includes all of their past lives with there experiences and also access to the entire heritage of the human genome and thereby knowing all they need to know for fulfilment of the present life.


The defiling of the Physiological State is the only reason why many of our organs have atrophied or become dormant or have never begun to functioning at all in one's present life, and will remain in a dormant state, until the Physical Body is thoroughly cleansed and supplied with the purest of cerebro-spinal fluid.

The state of Super Consciousness, Samadi, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness is none other than what is referred to in the scriptures of most Religions as Divine Consciousness.

It is not possible to imagine something that has not already existed and recorded in the memory banks. So whatever one thinks, is always the past recalled/reborn into the know consciousness. It is only your Ego that is deceiving you that you have the ability to come up with some original idea.

To be in full contact with the now therefore implies one's so-called mind must be silent, not thinking, because if it is thinking, then the past is intruding on the know consciousness and in which case the experience of the now is distorted by the recalled memory of a past moment in time.

Silence, is the golden thoughtless state of bliss, it is when the brain is functioning outside time,the timeless state, when the brain is resonating in alpha-theta, a frequency of 8 cycles per second. To be conscious of the now implies living and dying in every timeless moment. LIFE, DEATH, LIFE, DEATH (The life death, life death principle is the Universal Archetype Adam), which is the first and the last principle of all that is or shall be. It is the pulse of everything that exists that arises firstly out of polarity.

The renowned Physicist Robert Millikan stated that everything that exists are merely bundles of wave forms (frequencies of energy).


In BBC archives is a film produced in the Olympia Stadium in Kensington, London in 1977 at the Festival of Mind and Body with yours truly been filmed with a range of platinum studs with wires connected to his scalp relaying to a TV screen behind him his brain waves after they had been processed by a machine known as the Mind Mirror. The idea was to demonstrate a brain going into the resonant Alpha-Theta State of Brain Functioning which when attained would have given me access to the Cosmic, Super Conscious Brain.


Individuals who employ unnaturally processes to induce Alpha-Theta brain waves can result in them producing demonic states of consciousness.

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