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(April 2012)

All diseases are caused by one of two states both created from an unhealthy diet.

Please note: If you are not prepared to take responsibility for your own health and well being and make the necessary changes to your diet to reclaim it, then the Author definitely recommends one continue consulting your family Medical Doctor and do not study any of the sections in this work.

How all diseases are created:

    Biological diseases

The creation of an organic context, from the accumulation of un-eliminated wastes in the body from a diet high in animal protein, provides the physiological conditions to host germs and bacteria and under certain conditions it can create a context which has the potential of producing them not needing an external source. Only possible from the consumption of either flesh or dairy.

    Degenerative diseases
  2. The creation of an inorganic context, from the accumulation of un-eliminated acidic mineral wastes in the body which results in all the degenerative diseases. All the degenerative diseases are from the consumption of what the Author refers to as the Three Weapons of Mass Destruction, all of which have an excess of acidic elements the body was not developed or is capable of eliminating.

Most of the following are selected excerpts by Ben Adamah from The Law of Life and Human Health, and Live Better by Prof. Hilton Hotema.  Anything in parentheses in blue is a comment from Ben Adamah as is any paragraph beginning with the authors name.

Dr. William Osler
Dr. Osler was considered by many to be the greatest physician America has produced. His books on medical practice are standards the world over. This is what he had to say regarding disease, its cause, cure and prevention:

“We put drugs, about which we know little, into our bodies, about which we know less, to cure disease, about which we know nothing at all.”

"Be aware doctors are dangerous because they have limited knowledge on the cause of diseases and are only concerned with treating the effects. Little wonder medical doctors kill so many of their patients. A compilation of quotes from various sources."

Ben Adamah,
The public have been brain washed and now have a deep-seated insidious belief, the false assumption that drugs can give health. How ridiculous to think we can expect to harvest health from treating disease with toxic drugs. Mankind has been intentionally educated to keep one ignorant of the truth, purposely to enrich those in power and there is no institution in the world today that wields more power than the Medical Associations. If they had any real interest in Health, then Diet and Nutrition would need to be added as the principal subject in their curriculum for them to qualify as a Doctor.

Dating back to the Ancient Masters, fasting has been known to be the pre-eminent and only rational means to return the homoeostasis of the human body and any other approach is either witch craft or quackery whatever methods are employed. It is the only (natural) means all other animals employ instinctively, why should mankind need any different approach to regain health and well being. Has the time not come that mankind reject all the various forms of Quackery practised today for the regaining of health and well being and begin to obey mother nature it's creator by re-adopting it's natural diet and cease destroying the planet in it's desire to consume the Three Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Prof. Majendie, the celebrated French Physician, said:
“Medicine is a great humbug. I know it is called Science. Science indeed! It is nothing like science”
( Densmore p.209)

Dr. Ernest Schwenniger, the famous physician to Prince Bismark said:
“Doctors call medicine 'recognized science'. It is recognized ignorance.” (Densmore p. 207)

Dr. I. H. Hirshfiel, M.D. Stated:
Medical art has killed untold thousands. The history of medicine is the history of fatal errors.

Dr. Alexis Carrel
The Greatest Biologist and Anthropologist of the Twentieth Century, Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Laureate had this to say about the Science of medicine. “The science of medicine is too rudimentary - incompletely developed, to be of any use and needed to be abandoned. In fact, our ignorance of the constitution of mankind is profound.”

Ben Adamah
Modern science is not actuated by a desire to improve the state of man. It has been erected without any knowledge of mankind's nature. Medical Science has arisen from random accidental and fortuitous discoveries out of the desires of those who finance it solely for profit and not in the long-term health of mankind.

Nature is that which is:
True Science is a correct description of how it is.
Majority of mankind are blinded by the vested interests they have in their beliefs, prejudicing any chance they may have to discover the truth of nature. They are content to heedlessly following their teachers to avoid taking responsibility, whose only interest is predominately personal enrichment and the gaining of power.


This is what the Great Drugless Physician who is known as “The Father of Medicine” prescribed:
"The total abstinence from food, while a disorder was on the increase, and especially at a critical
period; and a spare diet on all occasions".

Dr. Henry Lindlahr M.D.
“Every acute disease is the result of a cleansing “. Page 55 Nature Cure 20th Edition

Dr. Clauch M.D.
“Disease is only natures effort to eliminate filth and poisons which are encumbering the body. Disease then is only an heroic effort of the body to force the filth, which it has accumulated through years of bad habits and wrong living, from the interstitial spaces where it has been deposited, to the surface through various channels. The form in which the disease (symptoms) manifest and the name which it is given, are of no consequence. All acute forms of disease have the same basic purpose the elimination of waste from the body. They are for the purpose of keeping us well in spite of ourselves so to speak, if we know how to treat them correctly”.

“Thus we see that disease is not an enemy, but a friend, when we truly understand it's nature and correctly interpret it's purpose”.

“What then is the correct treatment for an acute condition......Nothing. In the very nature of things, acute disease is not something to be treated or 'cured'. It is the treatment itself. It is nature's means of cleaning house”.

E.H.DEWEY M.D. In Fasting Cure.
Enforced feeding in sickness, and drugs that corrode are professional barbarisms unworthy of the times in which we live.

Dr. Clauch:
"Disease is nothing more nor less, we observe, that a process of cure itself ! It is a cleaning and purifying process, by which the body ejects accumulating waste and poisonous filth, and the process is not only natural, but must occur when the body gets in that dangerous condition, if it's existence is to continue. Otherwise death must inevitably ensue".

Dr. Bernarr Macfadden:
"The conception to the nature of disease is an entirely new one to the average person. When they are told that disease itself is curative process, they can hardly believe it, - and too frequently will not believe it; yet it is a fact ! Disease is a process of purification ! It is a remedial action ! It is a vital struggle to keep the channels of circulation free. It expels through the skin and by way of the kidneys, bowels, liver and lungs, the accumulated effete material as rapidly as it can, and if these organs and channels become choked and blocked (arteries) then trouble results! As a matter of fact, they are the benevolent endeavours on the part of nature to right a wrong, - and what we term a disease is the very process of cure taking place before our eyes".

Dr. Adolph Meyer an eminent German physician wrote;
"I assert that fasting is the most efficient means for correcting disease.”

Dr. Moeller superintendent of the Closchwitz sanatorium said:
“ Fasting is the only natural evolutionary method whereby, through a systematic cleansing, the body can restore itself by degrees to physiological normality”.

Prof. Hilton Hotema:
"In spite of it's inherited superstition and it's vain contempt for the curative powers of nature, modern medicine (including most of the present alternative health field) is beginning to see – dimly it is true – that the only way for mankind to become immune against disease, is to sow the seeds of health and cultivate health. We cannot sow seeds of disease and hope to harvest a crop of health. But it is doing so reluctantly".

Prof. Metchnikoff the renowned scientist stated:
“That the greatest problem to health and longevity is to keep the alimentary canal free from putrefaction”.

Ben Adamah
There are times when one needs to provide assistance, most notably in the case of some one with a congested bowel, and if the necessary action is not immediate taken, to clear the congestion can lead to an appendicitis. Anyone suffering with constipation and the slightest abdominal pain, should take steps to cleanse the bowel immediately with either enemas or a colonic.

Fasting Books
Fasting can save your Life by Dr. Herbert Shelton. Who fasted over 40,000 most of whom were medical discards
Mucusless Diet – A scientific method to eating your way to health by Prof. Arnold Ehret
Rational Fasting by Prof. Arnold Ehret.
My Way by Dr. Boris Chaitow (also fasted over 40,000 individuals over a forty year period)
No-breakfast Plan and Fasting Cure by Dr. E. H. Dewey (health Culture Co N.Y.)
Fasting for the Cure of Disease by Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard (The Vegetarian Magazine, Idaho)
Fasting for Health,by Bernarr Macfadden (Physical Culture Co. N.Y.)


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