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After reading the introduction and some of the preceding pages it would be easy to assume that the author had an easy life right from the start and never had to contend with life's adversities as do we mere mortals. To contemplate the complexities of life and assemble the various theories of why and how seems to be the forte of monks in monasteries and not something that the average citizen gets involved with.

I'm sure a picture of the author springs to mind of someone with flowing robes and clacking sandals busily trying to guide others away from their erroneous ways of living.

Nothing could be further from the truth - hang onto your seat while we quickly skip through a couple of lifetimes rolled into one.

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BORN 12pm (Midnight) ON THE 22nd AUGUST 1934

  • 1938 At 4 years of age had tonsils and adenoids removed
  • 1939 At 5 years of age had a momentary look at the eclipse of the sun through a pair of binoculars, consequently have burnt spots on the retina

Until 1939 was brought up on cereal, milk, sugar, cream, butter, bread and jam, Ended up with a small rigid bladder with no nerve end receptor sensitivity and consequently suffered from bed wetting until almost fifteen years of age. (refer "killer combinations" in diet section)

  • Went to boarding school from 1939 until 1950 and was fed the worst diet imaginable. At that point in time had a bladder capacity of less than 2 fl. ounces (Normal is 6 to 10.)
  • 1947. At 13 years of age had appendix removed.
  • 1948. Enjoyed a rapid increase of bladder capacity when going to a school in a fruit  growing area and having the opportunity to eat as much as fruit as wanted..
  • 1949 At 15 years had bad dose of poisoning from eating figs that, unknown to author had been dusted with arsenic powder that morning.
  • 1950 At 16 years of age had the septum's in nose operated on and think the polyps in the nose were removed.
  • 1951 At 17 years of age had all the teeth removed and replaced with false teeth, all  as a result of a bad diet from birth.  Also had to wear glasses.
  • 1952 At 18 years of age had an horrific car smash when a milk truck ran a red light at 5am and rammed into the rear on the passenger side of the Authors TC MG sports car, the car flying into a building with me under it. Survived numerous face, head, neck and spinal injuries
  • 1950 to1956 working in the electronic industry was subjected to carbon tetrachloride fumes, inhaling it for 6 to 8 hours a day for most of the time. This almost destroyed the right kidney and did extensive damage to the nervous system on the same side and also developed Parkinson's disease. Fortunately moved away from that section of the industry in 1956, however, fellow workers all died of leukaemia by 1960 from this poison. Suffered that bad with Parkinson's Disease that when picking up a cup and saucer, the cup would end up on the floor from the shakes and the only way could have some soup was drinking from a cup and having to holding it with two hands.
  • Through transnational diets and fasting, followed by a period on fruit only, returned to normal by 1958, no longer suffering from Parkinson's and much improved health.

It was in 1956 when in the retail sector developed an interest in nutrition, ecology, comparative religion and language both from an eastern and western perspective. The eastern side by an Indian artist and on the western side by an ex engineer from Peugot cars in France.

All spare time was devoted to researching, experimenting, testing, evaluating and monitoring of bodily characteristics as they reacted to various diets. For almost eighteen months experimented with diet. In the first trial cut out all confectionery, all refined and processed foods, and avoiding eating complex carbohydrates with meat or eggs. Did this for a couple of months. Followed by a couple of months on a vegetarian diet, eating mainly fruit, salads and steamed vegetables plus a little cottage cheese and yoghurt at times. All the time noticing improving body statistics. Proceeded for another few months on a completely raw diet, followed by more improvements in body statistics.

Even at this early stage knew enough about comparative anatomy and physiology to see it was obvious that mankind was exclusively a fruit and nut eater but may have eaten honey straight out of the comb when it was available. Then proceeded to live exclusively on a fruit diet. Always buying ripe sweet fruit grown by local farmers.

At the time felt vital and alive, needing very little sleep, unlimited energy and never tired. However, more importantly began to have an inner serenity. For the first time in life arrived at a complete acceptance of self. Did not need praise or recognition from anyone. That integrity was even more important than life. That well being depended on integrity to both the physiological and psychological condition. Of course many queries arose out of experience living on such a diet for the best part of nine months, the two major questions at the time were:

If living on a fruitarian diet left you feeling that good why did Mankind begin to eat other types of foods?

If it was not by choice then what made Mankind change from a fruitarian diet when all the other foods required mankind to live by the sweat of its brow in the tilling of the soil.

All the meaning of the body statistics living on a fruitarian diet only became fully apparent 7 years later on returning to a fruitarian diet and continued with research. However this time, to begin with anyway, done out of necessity.

From 1958 business life necessitated socialising extensively and a fruitarian diet was very difficult to follow especially when one had to take clients out to lunch or dinner.

However after getting married in 1958 to school sweetheart, proceeded to ignore all past experience and indulge in all that was tempting.

Obviously the Author is a slow Learner

From 1966 devoted most of time exploring how mankind can go about developing a new social and economic rationale that recognised the importance of living within the limits of the earth’s resources and ecological constraints. From 1975 have travelled extensively around the world and spent time with some of the greatest minds on this planet. When not able to meet them, studied their written offerings to mankind. Fortunately generated sufficient funds along the way to devote the time and acquire the knowledge covering the full ambit of determinants needed for society to develop a new socio-economic rationale that would function within the constraints that govern nature, and probably more important the fulfilment of one’s being.

At the end of 1965 as a Director and Chairman of various companies the Author had founded from 1960 onwards, started to suffer a serious decline in health as a result of living the so-called good life. Had to have a comprehensive medical check-up by a physician specialist (internationally renowned) every six months for the loss-of-profits policies these companies had on my life. When I went to him for the check-up (physical ECG)at the end of 1965 he informed me that he would no longer be able to clear me for these policies the following year unless there was an improvement in my health because he was sure I had had a heart attack.


First I went on a strict fruit diet for a couple of months. Followed by a further couple of months on a vegetarian diet. For the next couple of months ate mainly fruit, some times with a little yoghurt, on the weekends a little salad or steamed vegetables with a little cottage cheese and very occasionally a whole meal roll with the salads for the rest of the year and then up to 1968 and beyond lived exclusively on sweet ripe organicly grown paw paws/papaya plus an occasional Queen pineapple.

The following year (1967) after the check-up he advised me to continue with whatever it was I was doing because there was a dramatic improvement in my health.

By 1968 had come to the following realisations.

  1. That colour played a very important part in choosing what to eat at any given time.
  2. That all the ancient scriptures stated that one should only eat that which was "Pleasant to sight is good for food" made real sense when coupled with the following insights.
  3. That temperature and the mineral balances were the major factors that determined the colour and what nutrients were produced in the fruit and any food for that matter.
  4. That it was important to only eat food produced in your immediate locality.
  5. That it would have been eaten in a tree/sun-ripened state, not cooked or denatured through the various ways mankind now treats food.
  6. That it would have also needed to be pleasant to touch, smell and taste
  7. THAT ONLY FRUIT, NUTS AND BERRIES would meet all these requirements.
  8. That it was necessary to periodically cleanse the colon during any cleansing/detox/fasting regime to make any real progress.
  9. That one should begin with a diet of sun ripened orange coloured fruits  because they had the same mineral balance of the two principal elements calcium and phosphate as the human body at birth.
  10.  I chose papaya (pawpaws) as they were grown locally and also grown organically and also found citrus brought on too drastic an elimination.
  11.  That physical activity was a prerequisite to eating.
  12.  That rest especially after a meal and relaxation also played a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.
  13. That it was essential to meditate (needs explanation) when on a cleansing diet or fasting.

END OF 1968

By now my eyesight had improved to where I no longer needed to wear glasses. When I went for the next check-up with the specialist he could not believe his findings.

When he had exhausted every way he could to substantiate his findings his response was and I quote:

"Your pulse is averaging around 30 beats per minute and your breathing rate is less than twice a minute in sedentary activity and even after extreme physical exercise they return to the above pulse and breathing rates so rapidly it is unbelievable. The above statistics would surpass any Olympic Champion now or in the past".
"I don’t know what the hell you have done but if you could get the rest of mankind to follow your example you would bring an end to more than 90% of the medical field within one or two years, it would only be needed for physical accidents", 90% of the beds in the hospitals would no longer be needed and the pharmaceutical Industry would cease to exist. Further details in another section.


"Doctor, it would mean the end of what we call the present So-called Civilised Society. It would require us to create a Garden of Eden on earth and at the same time educate mankind how to live in it. I said it is very obvious mankind is lost in it’s quest for meaning and if it continues with its present approach to the environment would render the planet unfit for human habitation. If anyone was to take a good look around them they would notice that nothing else in nature labours to meet its essential needs other than ignorant mankind. All other living creatures only have to gather what they need and so should we except, we have lost our way."
Suffice to say I accomplished what most people would call a miracle. That may sound very arrogant. It was not intended, all I did was to follow what I thought obvious to me at the time.


I found that I had stopped dreaming and then almost never slept. Almost as though I was in a twilight zone, neither awake nor really asleep. Most of the day was spent in an Alpha-theta brain wave state. Very alert and with unlimited energy.

Another realisation that came to me at that time: I felt that the most important word in the English language was the word ACCEPTANCE, never ever to stand in judgement. Acceptance of what IS left me free to just BE. Sir Francis Bacon, the SHAKER OF THE SPEAR expressed the only question in life "IS TO BE OR NOT TO BE". In a state of total acceptance and physical purity the brain wave pattern changes from beta to alpha-theta level, which gives one access to the Super Conscious Brain which houses the Collective Unconscious. Only returning to Beta (logic) Brain as and when required to respond to a stimuli. My pulse rate increased in direct proportion to the depth of any mental stress/challenge at any given time. The differential in pulse rate between active and inactivity increased as my inactive pulse rate lowered on improvement in health. The greater the differential, the greater the my vital capacity. In the state of acceptance of what IS experienced a deep sense of caring for all mankind and for that matter all living things. It was then that I made up my mind to work towards devoting my life to the objectives which I am now writing about.

My only purpose now is to stir the minds to make mankind think a little about other possibilities. I am not advocating you accept, agree or disagree with what I write. Some higher authority within yourself not some man-god will tell or guide you what to do with the insights presented. It must come from inside you, a burning desire, a choice and not be done with will power, that’s manipulative. It needs to be want power, then the yoke is light.

Since 1968, at the age of 34 years, when I disposed of the many companies that I founded, I have directed my energies exclusively to researching the possibility of mankind developing a liveable and sustainable society.

At the end of 1968 I purchased a farm which became The Ben Adam Centre, the name given in 1975. The main objective of the centre was to establish the possibility of mankind creating a sustainable environment (Garden of Eden) that would provide all its needs and bring to an end the need for agriculture which was increasingly turning the planet into a desert.

It was too obvious even in 1970 that agriculture was unsustainable. The process of feeding a proliferating population and mass urbanism were the main causes of the devastating environmental degradation of the planet. That on a Fruit and Nut diet it was possible to feed at least ten fold the present population (now) all in good health, and no environmental damage, enhancing the capacity of the earth to support life and a whole range of other advantages.

Since 1975 travelled extensively around the world having discussions with many socio-political leaders, attended hundreds of workshops, seminars and conferences and lived and worked in many societies gaining first hand experience.

I hereby express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to the formulation of this site by way of their writings or discussion. Many of the insights synthesised into the chapters herein have come from a wide variety of viewpoints.

1974 Fell out of an avocado tree upside down from twelve feet – further damage to neck, right shoulder and spine.

From 1968 until 1976 conducted many experiments gave some lectures.

In 1977 I was invited to be the final speaker on the first world conference on Energy and Man. This occurred as a result of a conversation between the co-chairmen of the conference and myself which had taken place some months prior while on a lecture and research tour of Canada and the U.S.A.

That was last International Conference I ever attended as I had come to the conclusion that they were no different to a circus. It was a case of clowns training more clowns. In not one of Conferences I attended over the previous10 years did I hear anyone who had any real idea of mankind’s essential physical needs or how to meet them.

The lack of knowledge in the world of mankind physiological needs, and its relationship to the environment seems no different now to what it was in 1960. If anything there is more confusion now than at any time in the past. We can no longer afford the muddling through approach of present society. Only an individual with and integrated knowledge of mankind, environment and ecology can offer any sound/realistic/lasting solution to mankind’s present predicament. All I hear is more and more iffy proposals, some scientific, but by and large all piece meal. Most of the time no one is sure whether the scientific discoveries are valid or have any long term value.

I need at this stage share an analogy with you. It is one I have used from time to time over the last 35 years.

IMAGINE a box that contained a million jigsaw puzzles each having a million pieces, and each of these trillion pieces represented one item of information, beliefs in whatever, from the past. Now only one of these jigsaw puzzles will give you the integrated picture of how mankind and the environment function and relate. The chances are remote even finding two pieces to match up let alone knowing that when you started you had begun with the one jigsaw puzzle that would enlighten us and provide us with the solution to mankind’s present predicament and the way forward. Stated briefly, I know I am probably one the few beings alive that knows which of those jigsaw puzzles would provide us with the answers. That is not to say I have all the answers but I know the main parameters, the corner stones, the major determinants of a liveable and sustainable future. As nutrition is the only essential need for mankind’s survival, it would therefore be the first determinant.

I have been the final or only speaker at the Annual General Meetings of National organisations on health or specific agricultural crops. I gave the last major talk in 1988 at the Annual General meeting of the Macadamia industry which resulted in me becoming a consultant to the leading International grower.

2001 Involved in another major car accident with further damage to head, neck and spine.

From 1992 until 2009 I was subject to carbon monoxide and dioxide poisoning for an average of four hours three times a week, and for six years a poison known as probate (parathion methyl, one of the most deadly) found it's way into my food, both of which did extensive damage to my health, including suffering from Parkinson's Disease again and having three near death experiences from consuming poisoned food . Went back to the tried and tested approach to rejuvenation, Parkinsons almost gone now, look ten years younger than I did in 2009, until recently cycled 8 kms in 20 minutes and rowed 4 kms in twenty minutes. Bench pressed 70 kgs and leg pressed 140 kgs, which was not very clever because I advanced to rapidly with the increase of the weights and at the same was participating/experimenting with an acid saturated diet for six months and have as a consequence done some damage to my shoulders and hips. However have given the Gym a miss for a while and back to a mono-fruit diet with limited fasting and already one side is functioning well again and trust the left side will come right in the next couple of months. Presently living in a paradise, a tropical rainforest with plenty of papaya, mangoes mangosteens and many other tropical fruits available. Anybody out there would like to join me in paradise and pick up some insights are welcome.

December 2011 still going strong and still using my body in various experiments and then looking at ways to correct the damage. In the last couple of days have decided that I should not push my luck any further and stop experimenting, why, because I have nothing more to prove to myself.

Viva l'Internet.

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