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This section is primarily to do with scientifically establishing mankind's natural diet.
The section: Transition To Healthy Eating, provides sufficient insights for anyone to make significant improvements to their diets.

Why did mankind digress from the original natural diet it lived on.

Mankind only digressed from its natural diet, probably as a result of geophysical catastrophes resulting in Glacials or extreme prolonged weather changes, when it would have had to eat whatever living matter it could find. In the temperate zones it would have been meat (only after the advent of mastering fire) whereas in the more tropical areas mankind would have added the herbs of the field. The European races that lived North of the Alps it seems were barbaric savages, crude, meat eating cave dwellers for probably thousands of years after some of the Mediterranean Civilisations had developed highly advanced societies, according to Pythagoras. Until mankind learnt how to work with fire he could have not lived far from the tropics , maybe in warm sub-tropical environments.

Most of so-called 'civilised' Mankind does not care what it puts into its body. It does not question what is good for it and does not have much of a clue about health or dietary aspects until the wheels start falling off. Then it has to apply itself and strive to undo the damage already done, most of which may take years to put right (though the expectation is that 3 pills a day for a week will fix everything - what grand delusion!). Most of modern mankind’s health is in serious decline before they reach their teens. The more physically active individuals will decline a little later. Thereafter they live in a state which Dr N. Munro so aptly called in the title of his book "MAN ALIVE YOU ARE HALF DEAD"

Don’t be surprised to hear that the so-called world experts on diet and nutrition are as confused as you are on diet and nutrition and the little knowledge they think they have is mere beliefs based on erroneous scientific determinants which when one has gained an integrated knowledge on diet and nutrition, realise are very, very unscientific.

Nutrition is first and foremost all to do with bringing correspondence between an organism and the environment, mainly temperature and moisture. In brief, the food one consumes needs to adjust the cardio-respiratory rate to maintain correspondence between the organism requirements and the prevailing temperature and moisture of the environment.

First of all we will establish what is mankind’s natural diet using comparative anatomy and physiology to see which of the five dietetic groups of creatures/animals it belongs to. In the process we will list some of the adverse affects of various edible items presently considered appropriate to consume.

This section will touch briefly on how to make significant improvements to the diet Mankind presently consumes. Shortly Transition to Healthy Eating will be added to web site. It will also cover a lot of the does and dont's.

Detailed scientific information on mankind’s natural diet and general nutritional information on it will be covered under Nutrition and a section entitled Mankind's Natural Diet.



Carnivorous, Herbivorous, Graminivorous, Omnivorous, Frugivirous

When studied it would not take long for anyone to see the obvious, that mankind belonged to only one group of animals. The only difference was that Mankind's senses were far more refined, than any of the other anthropoids to live on fruit, nuts,melons and berries only.

Also is it not obvious, that in the tropics where mankind made its appearance on earth, all its nutritional requirements would have been provided for by nature only requiring us to gather them, not needing to labour to meet our needs and with economic freedom, whereas present day mankind is bound to a system of economic slavery.


The flesh eaters such as lions, tigers, cats and dogs.

The length of alimentary canal in the carnivorous group of animals is 3 times the length of the trunk, smooth cylindrical and with a short non convoluted cylindrical colon, so that the food can be assimilated and the residual putrefying wastes rapidly eliminated. They have simple sac stomachs, with small salivary glands producing highly concentrated acid secretion to break down the hair, skin, flesh and bones of their prey. Their liver can on an average function with 20 to 30 times the phosphoric acid and 10 times the uric acid as mankind's liver. They have claws to catch and hold on to their prey and run on four legs.

If mankind was ever meant to eat meat it would have been given a well developed nervous system in the back of the jaw and canine teeth for ripping apart raw flesh plus numerous other anatomical and physiological characteristics. Mankind has the nervous system in it's jaw centralised in the incisor teeth. These are hopeless for ripping and chewing flesh, especially raw flesh the way mankind would have had to eat it in the distant past. Incisor teeth are ideal for tactile manipulation of a nut in the mouth and for cracking it. We also know that the strength of so-called civilised mankind’s jaw and teeth are very inferior to that of primitive tribes and to that of most of those who have lived on a natural diet from an early age.


Length of alimentary canal 25 to 30 times the length of the trunk.

The colon or large intestinal tract is convoluted with sacculated folds to trap foods for further processing and assimilation. Because of the high acidic content of most of the food that present mankind consumes, renders this section of the gastrointestinal tract/canal is unable to function as it would have done when mankind lived on it's natural diet. On mankind's natural diet the residue of the foods reaching the colon would have been alkaline, an essential requirement for bacterial action in the production and then assimilation of the higher vitamin B group in/from the sacculated folds, especially vitamin B12. One slice of bread or a small portion of meat when passing through the large gastrointestinal tract will kill these bacteria and it may take days for them to redevelop their culture. Only possible on the appropriate alkaline diet.

Supplementary inorganic vitamins in most instances are not assimilable and when taken orally have the potential of upsetting the digestive process in the upper intestinal tract especially in the presence of the simple carbohydrate foods.

Nature never produces or is capable of producing simple carbohydrate foods combined with the higher Vitamin B Group. The oral consumption of the B group of vitamins in the presence of the simple carbohydrates turns the upper intestinal tract into a brewing vat. Keep your diet simple and preferably don't eat more than 2 or 3 types of compatible foods at a sitting. Avoid mixing highly acidic foods with highly alkaline foods. The Author will include a list of acid forming foods and also those that have an alkaline base when time permits.

Mankind's kidneys and liver are not able to breakdown and eliminate the high concentrations of uric and phosphoric acids in flesh foods, cereals and the starchy legumes. Mankind was never equipped to do so because of the evolutionary development of both the kidneys and liver. The combination of foods that have a concentration of protein such as red meat eating with complex carbohydrates is the principle cause of obesity and the potential of suffering from all the saccharine diseases. Mankind has only one stomach whereas the herbivorous animals are ruminants and have multiple stomachs with the necessary acid and fibre splitting enzyme, cellulase to break down and release the nutrients in the grasses they consume. Mankind has no need of these physiological characteristics on our natural diet. Any substantial concentration of acids in the intestinal tract of humans is from the intake of foods with higher levels of acidic elements in them which in the digestive process renders up more acidic elements than the kidneys, liver, bladder and skin can eliminate from the body. The only way this excess can be disposed of then, is through the intestinal tract. It's presence in the intestinal tract, which is thought of as hunger pangs, and is believed by everybody, including practically all the world's leading physiologists believing it to be a natural characteristic of the human constitution. The Author knows without a shadow of doubt, that it is an unnatural and unhealthy condition.

Our salivary glands produce an alkaline secretion. In the winter months in cool to cold climates when exclusively on our natural diet of nuts, could have rendered up a slightly acidic intestinal tract when one consumes them to excess. They are different to all other protein sources with the local grown nuts always having the appropriate calcium to phosphate ratio, with the perfect balance of amino acids, and the ideal concentration to provide the necessary stimulation of the cardiac respiratory rate to bring correspondence between the external temperature and the bodies requirements.

Mankind also has a duodenum, considered a second stomach, which the scientists think is required to finish off the digestion of complex carbohydrates, starches. The author of this work strongly says this does not make scientific sense and is mere assumptions, because they were never part of mankind's natural diet, but are the products of mankind's adaptation of plants after the last ice age ended, less than ten thousands years ago. The Author is of the opinion the reason why the alimentary canal now has a duodenum is as Dr. Alexis Carrel emphasised in his book 'Man the Unknown', that the body has the ability to mould its' functioning and structure to a limited extent to any change it may be subjected to, but not without cost to it's long term health and survival. In this case the body after consumption of all the cereals and all the other farinaceous foods has moulded/adapted the body's physiological function within the limit of it's ability and here we have why mankind now has a duodenum (an un-natural enlargement of the intestinal tract, something mankind never had while on it's natural diet. Another fact is in the consumption and breakdown (especially finely ground whole meal grains) of the complex carbohydrates requires higher levels of oxygen than lungs the are capable of delivering, and is saturating/poisoning the blood stream with high concentration of carbonic acid gases.

Here you have the principle cause of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and all the other itis. Study 'Saccharine Diseases' By Two World Leading Physician Specialists, Dr George D. Campbell and Surgeon Captain T. L. Cleave. The former physician was appointed to monitor the Authors health for the Insurance Companies providing Loss of Profits Policies on the Authors life for the many businesses founded by him and CEO up to when he retired in1968.

Anyone who has studied mankind and the higher anthropoids knows they are not starch eaters and with an alkaline gastrointestinal tract on our natural diet would not have been able to digest these carbohydrates. They will of course come up with the argument that the stomach has a high concentration of hydrochloric acids present. What they fail to realise that these acids are only present in the stomach because of the excesses of acid foods consumed previously and which the kidneys, liver, bladder skin and lungs could not eliminate, ending up in the alimentary canal, which is then called hunger. This state is highly unnatural in the case of mankind, and most of the higher group of anthropoids. The author is in no doubt the first time one experiences this condition one is on the way, to been disease prone, and to the grave. Any Prof. of Physiology that knows anything about the about the human body knows that mankind's diet needs to render up an alkaline residue.


The carnivorous group of animals have a very high acid level in their digestive juices in order to break down the raw flesh, hair, skin and bones they consume. They also have short cylindrical colons to eliminate the wastes rapidly after digestion before putrefaction sets in. Mankind however, is blessed with a long convoluted sacculated colon, this being by far the largest section of its digestive tract. This organ in a healthy (alkaline) state would have produced the entire range of the higher vitamin B group when mankind lived on the sun ripened fruits with their concentration of glucose and fructose, the two principle monosacchride sugars. Only requiring absorption not taxing the system with the excessive wastes for the body to eliminate, unlike most of the other foods consumed by this civilisation. It is so easy to get into unhealthy eating and drinking habits when socialising. Unhealthy eating habits come so easy. Why because food is very much a distraction, a comforter from the psychologically unfulfilled lives one leads in a centralised society.


The ability of any organism to regulate it's internal environment to maintain a stable PH, a healthy blood stream with a high percentage of oxygen in it, with the minimum percentage of carbon dioxide plus many other essential physiological requirements is highly dependent on the right source of food. How can anyone expect to have a healthy body when one keeps defiling it with foods and drinks that were obviously not part of mankind's natural diet.

Our health and the length of our days are dependent on a healthy diet and living habits, an hospitable climate and environment. Ideally not possible anywhere other than in the tropics where mankind first made it's appearance. All these are obvious requirements if one is searching for health and economic freedom.


Today most of mankind is walking around with the interstital spaces between the cells in the wall/lining of their colon encrusted with faecal matter , most of which was deposited there in the formative years. On a conventional diet this encrusting is composed mainly of the paste like wastes from the combined consumption of cereals and dairy products. Ironically, if this encrusting was not there before indulging on a red meat diet, one would either die very quickly from severe auto-intoxication (especially from underdone meat) or suffer a slow painful death from the carcinogens in flesh foods causing bowel cancer.

According to Prof. Huxley and others the type of placenta which mankind is attached at birth are only found in the frugivorous animals. This can not in any way be disputed when all the contestable facts are assembled and assessed. Except for the Elephant it is only Mankind and the Anthropoid group of animals that have their mammery glands on the chest, all the rest of the animals have their's on the abdomen.

Mankind is born bare, where as all the carnivorous group of animals are blessed with fur coats, and the colder the more so. Hairy babies are the result of mothers consuming cows milk with the high levels of hair hormones thinking it is necessary for bone development of the foetus. There is no better source of all the alkaline minerals in assimilable state found in fruits and raw vegetable juices, far superior to consuming a lactate that is provide by the mother of a calf for feeding until it reaches up to 600 lbs. To feed an infant with cows milk or products made from them, provides the ideal breeding ground for all the childhood diseases. The unnaturally high concentration and imbalance of the various amino acids are only partly digestible by a human, resulting in a steady accumulation of some of them. The result of not been able to breakdown and eliminate all the amino acids after absorption into the blood stream.

Dr. Raymond Bernard pointed out that “carnivorous animals have rough tongues and drink by lapping whereas we drink by suction or from a container and have smooth tongues and sweet pleasant breaths when living on our natural diet. Also they sleep during the day while mankind sleeps at night. They don't have pores or functioning sweat glands whereas mankind has both”.

The killing of animals is certainly not a natural inborn trait of mankind. The eating of raw flesh dripping with blood was not an instinctive pleasure of mankind and obviously foreign to it's nature. Not only does it have to be cooked, also not a natural human trait, it then has to be seasoned to disguise it's origin and make it palatable. Dr. Raymond Bernard also pointed out that “the same can be said about all flesh foods and eggs. That the latter in whatever way cooked, is almost indigestible. Roasting and toasting of flesh and all carbohydrates renders them carcinogenic.”

The vitamins and minerals in uncooked vegetables and fruit are in an organic and colloidal, chelated molecular state and can be readily assimilated into the blood stream and by the cells, whereas, when they have been subjected to heat can not be utilised by the body and in some cases rendered harmful.

Refer to the Nutrition section for greater detail.

Coincidently peanuts are not a nut but the underground seed of a legume and should never be eaten. They are a source of food for rodents (moles). They have toxic compounds in them which if eaten regularly are harmful to everybody to one degree or another and under certain physiological conditions of the body can kill one.

Mankind in summer, at a temperature of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 35 to 38 degrees Centigrade, needs the minerals calcium and phosphate in a ratio of 4 to 1 to be in harmony with the environment. The huge excess (more than 100 fold) of phosphate over calcium in the red meats, calcium to phosphate ratio of 1 to 27, will make one hyperactive, hot and aggressive. Red meat when combined with sugar leads to hyperactivity (especially in the case of children) and is probably the main physiological cause of insanity in mankind and has actively contributed to the commission of some of the most barbaric atrocities in history.

Red meat, more so than other flesh foods, is the acute cause of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity, acute arthritis (gout for example) and all the other degenerative diseases arising out of excesses of acid compounds accumulating in the body, especially when flesh foods are combined with the starchy foods and eaten at the same meal. Mankind’s kidneys, liver, bladder, lungs and skin can not dispose of these excesses of acidic wastes, because our digestive system was never developed with the intention that mankind would consume flesh with complex carbohydrates, the food with the highest concentration of starch.

If you care to look you will find hundreds more facts to show mankind does not belong in any way to this group of animals, or for that matter to any of the following three groups.


The herb eaters such as the sheep, cow, goat, etc.

If mankind belonged to this group it would have walked on all fours, had hooves, had its mammary glands on the abdomen, two or more stomachs, fibre splitting enzymes and acid digestion, hair on it's body, lapped like them when drinking, They are ruminants with tails, ears on the top the head, chew with a sideways movement, the list goes on and on so I will leave it at the above and cover another important comparison.

Herb eaters don’t have stereo vision and consequently are browsers. Thank goodness they don’t have stereo vision otherwise they would have eaten their way across the planet and left a desert. Of course mankind did not need the herbivorous to do that when it is far more capable of doing it with bulldozers, chainsaws and fire. The advancing degradation of the planet stems from mankind’s ignorance of itself and it’s relationship to the natural environment.


The seed eaters such as the birds.

Mankind obviously does not belong to this group of animals as it does not have a gizzard for preparing grass seeds for digestion. Mankind is the least adapted of all animals to digest grains besides it is only recently that mankind has (misguidedly) developed grass seed into edible grains that could be ground into flour.

Mankind of all living creatures is the least adapted to eat cereals especially seeing it has what is known as third stage of kidney development.

Complex carbohydrates are the main causes of ALL the acid diseases known as the saccharine diseases. To name just a few of the main one’s - diabetes, arteriosclerosis, chronic arthritis (back pain for example), rheumatism, etc.

The complex carbohydrate consumables include all Cereals (Wheat being the worst) and Starchy legumes.

If anyone's only meal of the day was a small handful of cereal, the result would be ongoing malnutrition, yet reproduction would not only be enabled but fully functional even while very young. Then there would be the probability of dying at a very early age if there was no access to any fruit and vegetables. In the 1950s, according to The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN, the people in certain poverty areas of India did exist on a handful of wheat a day. Malnutrition was endemic and believe it or not, there were teenage grandparents and great-grandparents aged in their 20s. Average life expectancy was 27 years against the national average of 41 at the time. What was that about a short life and a merry one !!!

Incidentally, the two worst modern consumables (we can't in good conscious call them 'foods'), dairy and cereal products which we supply in our aid programs are actually accelerating malnutrition, disease and accelerating the increase in the population of the poorer countries of the world !!!

Some sayings Ben Adamah used in talks in the '60s and '70s.

‘Rather Meat Than Wheat - Preferably neither'

‘The Cereals Should Be Called The Staff Of Death, Not The Staff Of Life’


Pigs and other scavengers.

As of now mankind could be said to be at the bottom of the food chain. Mankind makes a better example of the gluttonous hog than the hog itself. It has got to the point where it will eat almost anything. It treats its body worse than a garbage can or sewer. One of the great sages of the past said and I quote:

"The uncleanliness within is far greater than the uncleanliness without."

We only consider washing the outside of the body when the majority of mankind desperately needs a good internal cleansing of the accumulated wastes. Aging is a disease from nothing more than accumulation of wastes, which is also the cause of all diseases.

Any comprehensive study of comparative anatomy and physiology of the various dietetic groups of animals would provide overwhelming evidence that mankind was definitely not one of any of the above groups of animals.


Mankind is the only animal to consume milk after weaning, other than the animals it has domesticated.

The casein in the milk that manages to find its way into the body becomes an insoluble waste and the perfect breeding ground for most viruses and bacteria. Some of these bacteria and viruses have developed into the contagious diseases that plague mankind. This same 'acidic' glue like substance slowly accumulates in the Interstital spaces between the cells of the walls of the colon and inhibits the body absorbing any of the vitamin B group that may be produced in the sacculated folds. This one of the reasons why many fruitarians suffer from Vitamin B deficiency, the another one is eating unripe fruit that has not developed the sugars fully for the bacterial fauna to develop them in the sacculated folds or because it's contents is to acidic.

Other animal products consumed also play a part in creating a breeding ground for the viral and bacterial diseases, certainly not to the degree that dairy products do in the overall scheme of things.

Everyone who persists in choosing to consume dairy products should be encouraged to consume only low fat yoghurt and cottage cheese.

On a conventional diet the consumption of these two it is to be encouraged at the appropriate time.

The following diseases are predominantly found in countries that consume dairy products regularly:

  • Inflamed adenoids and tonsillitis which can inhibiting breathing and cause other adverse affects
  • Early blindness and deafness
  • All the various influenza’s and viral infections
  • Mumps, measles, chicken pox and all the other types of pox
  • Poliomyelitis, meningitis, the list goes on and on.

Wisconsin in the USA and Switzerland, the two biggest milk drinking areas in the world have the highest incidence of breast and the other glandular cancers. However, countries that consume their dairy produce after bacterial processing are not as susceptible.

The above diseases will be found in countries that consume a fair quantity of other animal products especially pig foods.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) a division of The United Nations is one source of this information. However, the best way to discover what foods tend to bring on which diseases is to look at the staple diets of different countries and see what diseases their general populous suffers from.

The author knows without a shadow of a doubt that the worst combination of foods is dairy eaten with cereals, the likes of porridge with milk and then the addition of sugar and also commercial muesli with heaps of cereals and seeds combined with milk and fresh fruit.

Casein when mixed with lime (calcium) makes one of our finest glues. When this mix dries it sets like concrete. Milk is the source of casein and cereals have the highest source of inorganic lime of anything that mankind eats. You may appear to be getting away with it when young and highly active as in the case of Iron Man Contestants who do benefit from the physical activity, particularly the swimming part of it and by the wearing of little clothing. (Clothing and its effects on health come later.)

This same 'acidic glue like substance' slowly accumulates in the convolutions of the colon and destroys its ability to produce all the vitamin B group. Until the colon has been cleansed it will not function efficiently even on a natural diet. At present mankind relies mainly on animal products for this group of vitamins. Nuts such as Macadamias, Pecans, Walnuts, Brazil and Hazel are the best source of the B group of Vitamins. (More on Vitamins in the Nutrition section.)

Bringing up children on cereals and milk is criminal as this glue like substance coats the bladder's interior, inhibiting its growth and hence its capacity. It also limits the effectiveness of the nerve ends in the bladder's interior from conveying messages to the brain about the quantity of stored urine. This is why afflicted kids are only aware they are wetting themselves when they feel the warm urine running down their legs. Those already suffering from this condition need to drink small quantities of liquids at any given time and often. The darker the urine the more often they need to drink water only and increase their daily liquid intake. Only desisting from cereals and milk and increasing their intake of alkaline foods will assist the bladder to recover, otherwise the kidneys are almost always under stress which disturbs a host of other aspects of the body's physiology. ALL the problems and explanations arising there from would require a separate chapter. Suffice to say, avoid cereals with milk at all costs.

When finished studying this section go to the section Transition to Healthy Eating and visit the Muesli Recipe page for for the healthiest and tastiest Muesli Recipe.

The combining of flesh with foods high in starch such as cereals, legumes and tubers is the principle cause of obesity and the acidic diseases of the body.

The Challenge Is To Stop Eating Substances That Are Unsuitable For Mankind.

Are you the 1 in a 1000, (going on 10,000) who wants to get off the illness treadmill, who wants to be fit, slim and trim, who has the fortitude to defy convention, who will ignore well meaning friends and relatives that insist you have 'lost your marbles', who is prepared to give up the emptiness of modern society in exchange for a more meaningful and exhilarating existence - then stay tuned .


Don’t attempt anything until you have studied all chapters (most yet to come). Never make drastic changes unless you are sure you know what you are doing and are confident. If you have had extensive medication or indulged extensively in drugs it could cost you your life when suddenly switching to an exclusive fruitarian diet or going on extended fasts. This is because the body may not have disposed of all the medication or drugs over time as they tend to accumulate in fatty tissue. To fast or total fruit diet can trigger the movement of an overdose of these dormant drugs into the blood stream at the same time and if this occurs, the natural function of your whole nervous system may collapse. The consequences can be fatal.

It would be advisable initially to seek some professional help when you intend going into any rigorous fasts. At least when you have finished studying the soon to be included associated chapters on nutrition, health and lifestyle you will be able to have a constructive discussion with a health practitioner. Keep searching until you find a therapist you can trust and be comfortable with, at least in the beginning, until you are sure you can proceed on your own. The best is to proceed cautiously using a transitional approach.


First off eliminate all processed foods from the diet especially such substances as tea, coffee, cordials, confectionery, condiments, sugar and spices. Thereafter start to eliminate all the cereals, all pig products and all dairy products, the exceptions can be good natural unflavoured yoghurt and cottage cheese. Then reduce the intake of the animal proteins such as eggs and all meat except for fish. If one is losing weight too quickly, add a little steamed brown rice to the fish. The less starchy foods one eats, the less one needs the high phosphate foods (proteins) in one's diet. Always remember that it is the excesses of various so-called foods of which one partakes that will create deficiencies. The most important aspect of nutrition is that it should regulate the balance of minerals in the bloodstream - more on this under Nutrition.

WARNING:- The reader needs to be aware that Ben (refer preamble on author) and John gradually over many months, even years, modified our diet until it became full fruitarian. The body, once given a chance (on a fruit only diet), will with unbridled ruthless zeal attempt to purge itself of the waste and toxins that it has accumulated over its lifetime. This can be frighteningly unpleasant, some will then mistakenly blame 'fruit allergy' but the problem lies with the many prior years of bad eating habits. It is important therefore to be monitored by a health care professional if you choose to adopt the dietary practices described here.

Many more answers will be found in all the other topics yet to be released.

Don’t forget, never mix complex carbohydrates (starchy foods) with proteins, especially red meats, no matter which diet you are on - even if it is an Omnivorous diet (no diet at all).

YES, that means the combination of Steak and Chips (French Fries) or Roast Beef, Pork or Lamb with roast potatoes should NEVER EVER be on anyone's menu. Nor should Hamburgers, Hot dogs or protein filled sandwiches.

This combination of consumables brings on an extra heavy work-load for the liver, kidneys and prostrate gland. The higher phosphate to calcium ratio in the meats accentuates the work-load of the liver when complex carbohydrates are consumed at the same meal.

More and more scientific information will be presented as time permits.

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