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The Fountain of Youth - The Ageless State of Being


Aging of the body is a disease, it scientifically can not be classified as anything other than an unnatural degenerative disease from nothing other than the accumulation, of increments of acidic wastes the body has not been able to dispose of – eliminated. These wastes originated primarily from the consumption of an unhealthy diet including the liquids and an unhealthy physical and the psychological environment one lives, in most of all the air one breaths. The poorer one's physical health the less one will cope with any stress the psychological context that one may be subjected in one's daily life. Especially judgements and rejection of what IS based on beliefs which implies not knowing, which does not require faith. Beliefs have the unhealthy habit of making you think you are right but they can also make you dead right and six foot under. The next book you buy make certain it is a copy of 'THE PASSIONATE MIND' by JOEL KRAMER. For now the Author is only going to provide an Introduction to the subject, which when anywhere near completed will be many times more than what is now on the site.


The most important fact one needs to come to grips with, is what most of mankind thinks is a natural trait, the condition of the human species having the sensation one experiences in the abdomen referred to as hunger. That hunger is a natural trait of the human species, is in fact an insidious unscientific belief, and could not be further from the truth.


This sensation is a definite give away that you are violating your constitution, because it is an unnatural state, resulting from none other than a diet that has an excess of acidic elements that the kidneys, liver, lungs, bladder and skin were unable to eliminate from the blood stream. When the body has not managed to dispose of these acid wastes via these organs it uses various means to remove them as quickly as possible from the blood stream. It must eliminate these acidic wastes from the blood stream in order to maintain the blood at Ph 7.4. If the Ph of the blood where to remain at a critical level below Ph 7.4 for even for even minutes, in some cases, can be fatal.


It is obviously advisable to ensure as soon as possible to bring those hunger pangs under control by reducing the intake of the foods that leave one with a residue of acidic wastes. Begin by eliminating all cereals and grains from one's diet except some brown rice (eat only long grain rice in warm climates and the short grain rice in cold climates) with fish and salads, and also the little cold rolled oats in the Muesli recipe included in the Transitionary Diet section, which should be the main meal of the day. Obviously eliminate all confectionery and any processed foods and drinks containing salt or sugar in them. The sooner one eliminates all packaged foods from ones diet and eats only fresh live produce the more rapidly one's health will improve, the more vital and alive one will feel, the sounder one will sleep and more alive in the morning, there will be a steady reduction in the need for sleep and one dreams less. The Author when he practised a pure sun-ripened fruitarian diet not only did he never feel any hunger pains but felt he was only eating for pleasure he got from eating. At the time his pulse dropped to 30 beats and breathing rate averaged twice a minute, within minutes of ceasing sedentary activity, unlimited energy on a diet of less than a 1000 calories a day, which did not even have twenty grams of protein in it. He reached what he refers to as the sleepless and dreamless state, not requiring more than a couple of hours in a twilight zone still somehow almost subconsciously still aware/awake.

Other than the little flesh products one may consume and the steamed veggies, it would be best for all else to be raw.

Then follow up by eliminating all the other starchy foods including potatoes. And if you wish to eat say red meat then go for quality  and not quantity, eat less of it and bulk up with heaps of salads or steam vegetables. Be very wary of factory farmed chicken and fish because of the chemicals they use especially as part of the diet of somebody still in a growing phase. Most definitely eliminate all foods that contain anything from swine. It has the ability to host the corona virus- SARS and also other strains of viruses.

The more consistent and virulent these hunger pangs are, the more they are confirming you are accelerating the deterioration of the body, laying oneself open to all the degenerative diseases and aging in the process reducing your life span. Exercise has a significant factor in the bodies ability to dispose of the wastes from one's diet. Obviously there must be a balance between intake of food and exercise. The quantity one eats at different times of the day, how many meals one partakes of in the course of the day and the intervals between meals all play their part.


Aging has no relationship to time, which are increments of moments, whereas aging is the result of the accumulation of increments of acid wastes the body has not been able to dispose of from a bad diet, and in addition the breathing of acidic air, primarily when living an industrial city.

The acidic wastes the body has not been able to eliminate are deposited mainly in the most alkaline areas of the body, the joints of the limbs and the spine to begin with. Predominately in the joints flexing at the time but also to a lesser degree in various other location of the body that are been exercised at the time. They gradually destroy the movement of the joints and muscular structure of the body. Some of these wastes also begin coating the inner lining of the vascular system reducing circulation, increasing blood pressure. Diabetes and all the other degenerative and biological diseases are as a result of a diet with an excess of acidic compounds in them.


All processed and packaged foods, all drugs whatever their source and all drinks except water (preferably rain water or filtered spring water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and light herbal teas. Should be eliminated from one's diet.


The healthier western approach: Breakfast like a King, Lunch like Prince, Supper like a Pauper.

The more natural approach: Rise at 6, Breakfast at 10, Supper at 6, bed by 10, makes one live ten x ten.

The healthier approach when on a reasonably healthy diet, high in alkaline foods is the consumption of only one meal in a day somewhere between 10 to 12 am.

The healthiest approach would be a strictly locally grown sun-tree ripened fruit diet, eating for pleasure when attracted to do so because of the sweet tempting aroma of the fruits.

The conventional three meals a day tires and eventually damages and renders the vital organs less and less able to eliminate the wastes of even a reasonably healthy diet. as a consequence accelerating the aging process. Few individuals are prepared to forgo many of their unhealthy habits because of the momentary pleasure they derive from eating. It becomes an unfulfilling pleasure and in the process they dig their own graves. This attitude is at best described as an escape from been in the here and now.

Obviously the fountain of youth can only be attained by reversing the aging process which requires one to first gradually reducing all those foods and drinks which leave a residue of both organic and inorganic minerals in the body. Then begin a cleansing regime to purify the body of all the accumulated wastes from the past. Thereafter partake of a diet which does not leave a residue of wastes in the body. In accomplishing this one will have reached an Ageless State of Being, on condition one is living in a healthy physical and psychological environment.


All cereals and animal products are the most acid forming.

Obviously then they will be the first to eliminate from one's diet.

In the Transtion to Healthy Eating process a small wholemeal roll or a baked potato when one is having a salad and a little low fat cottage is acceptable.

Simultaneously eliminate all dairy products except for a low fat cottage cheese and yoghurt.

If one still chooses to eat any flesh at times then make sure it is either white fleshed fish or alternatively organic free range chicken. Oysters even though acid binding are questionable because of factors.

Eliminate all Swine derived foods, any residual wastes from the consumption of them is an excellent breeding ground for a host of diseases especially the corona virus (sars).


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