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(18 May 2012)

Please note this is not another dietary Regime. It covers how you can go about improving whatever diet one presently partakes, even if it is an everything or anything diet.

One can choose to take responsibility for one's own well being by adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle and live a long healthy life without any suffering, medical bills and Insurance.


One can choose to carry on doing what ever one has been doing, treating the body with less regard/respect than one's car or pets and eventually the interior of the body becomes encrusted with un-eliminated wastes (filth) from an unhealthy diet than the exterior would ever have been.



As this site is serving many thousands of individuals with many dietary habits and depth's of knowledge on diet and nutrition it will commence with what most of society has gravitated to in their eating habits. By the time the Author has completed this section it will provide the guide lines on how to attain physiological perfection. Depending on one's present state of health one needs to appreciate the fact that the rate of progress one will make will vary from time to time. It is also conditional on not back sliding and also how knowledgeable, fully conversant (putting into effect) on all that is offered in the other sections of this site to avoid doing silly things.


The human physical body requires one to consume food for three primary reasons namely:




The sustained supply of blood sugar from the consumption of the appropriate (preferably the most efficient, that which contains the least amount of wastes for the body to dispose of) type of food, which is primarily determined by the prevailing temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. Hence the importance of eating food produced at the time nature produces and from one's local environment.




To provide the appropriate balance of cation (alkaline) minerals to anion (acidic) elements mainly the ratio of calcium to phosphate to stimulate or slow the cardio-respiratory rate to bring various physiological states of the body into correspondence, homoeostasis with the prevailing environmental conditions, again temperature and moisture. To stimulate the cardio- respiratory rate when cold and slow it when hot.



The appropriate balance of the electrolytes, the sodium to potassium ratio needed to adjust and supply the moisture requirements of the physiological state of the body appropriate to the prevailing climatic conditions namely temperature and moisture.



The natural world is governed by temperature and moisture. Until one has acquired an integrated scientific knowledge of agronomy, horticulture, anatomy, physiology, neurology, diet, nutrition and a host of other fields of endeavor on how temperature and moisture govern nature, one will forever remain unqualified to guide anyone on how to attain Vibrant Health, reach Individual Perfection, the Realised the State of Enlightenment and have Super Conscious Awareness.

Study the sections 'Diet' and 'Nutrition' which covers most of the scientific facts related to the above three paragraphs.

The Author will begin by covering the most important aspects one needs to be aware of, and pay attention to, as a prerequisite to the transition to eating a healthy diet.

Then following on, we look at what needs to, either be eliminated from one's diet, or reduced in quantity, and also the need to be more selective of the quality of particular types of foods one may presently be consuming.

If one does nothing else, I one definitely needs to pay particular attention to the two following conditions.



The first important fact one needs to come to grips with, is what most of mankind thinks is a natural trait, the condition of the human species having the sensation one experiences in the abdomen referred to as hunger. That hunger is a natural trait of the human species, is in fact an insidious unscientific belief, and could not be further from the truth.


The more consistent and virulent these hunger pangs are, the more they are confirming one is accelerating the deterioration of the body, laying oneself open to all the degenerative diseases and accelerating the aging process, and reducing one's life span. The more virulent this unnatural physiological condition is, the more one will tend to over eat.

Study the section 'Hunger' for scientific and obvious reasons why they occur.

The desire and motivation for eating should only occur when nature tempts, activates one's Inborn, Innate Instincts by being Pleasant to Smell, Sight, Touch then Taste.

Study 'Instincts' of how mankind was attracted to eat in it's original habitat. Then you can create the same tempting conditions in one's own home by placing in the house plenty of fresh ripe natural food that is pleasant to smell, sight, touch and taste.

The second important fact one needs to be aware and take charge of.

The maintenance of health and well being is more intimately and immediately related to and dependent upon the excreting part of the physiological process than it is upon the supply of nutrient.

If one does not have a regular bowel movement, which should occur at least once a day, then endeavour to get whoever one consults on health matters to recommend something to obtain relief from the problem.

However, the Author recommends the only healthy way is to improve structure of one's diet.

Study 'Colon Health' for some useful nutritional tips on how one can overcome a sluggish bowel.

Prof. Metchnikoff the renowned scientist stated:
“The greatest problem to health and longevity is to keep the alimentary canal free from putrefaction”.


Health and well being is determined primarily to do with the body been able to eliminate the all the wastes from the food consumed. It is only the accumulation of the acidic wastes from the foods one eats that create the conditions known as disease and aging. The more wastes one eliminates from the food one consumes the slower the aging process. Aging of the physical body has nothing to do with time or the earth rotating on it's axis. Aging results from only three conditions, unhealthy living habits, primarily the food one eats and drinks, the health of one's thoughts, and the health of the environment in which one resides. Ben Adamah will endeavour to cover all the stages and guide lines for the resurrection (rebirth) of the body, reclaiming of one's health as briefly as possible in the various sections of this work. The biggest obstacle one is going to have is get past all those erroneous unscientific beliefs one has been inculcated in with regard to diet. One will also have difficulties when socialising with friends and family who may have no interest in healthy eating and think one have lost the plot, or off one's marbles as a friend of mine says. How far one progresses to individual physiological perfection will be determined on one's intent. Trying invites failure, intent is a commitment to fulfil a (non wavering) desire.


What the author's is presenting in this section is how one can begin to go about improving one's eating habits whatever one's present diet. By a steady process of either reducing or eliminating the more unnatural health destroying foods from one's diet. Included are also some of the other more damaging unhealthy habits that need to be eliminated and replaced with life enhancing one's.

It covers the basics on food combining and the only recipe is the muesli on the home page, which needs to be the main meal of the day, unless of course one is strictly adhering to 'Mankind's Natural Diet'. It can even be the only meal in the day if one chooses. Most individuals would benefit by giving the body a rest from consuming (totally unnecessary) three big meals in a day. By giving the body a rest it will have the opportunity to eliminate some of the accumulated wastes from the past. If one chooses, drink water or one of the drinks in the list below, until mid to late afternoon, then partake of the Muesli.

The more accumulated wastes from the past that are eliminated, the younger and healthier the physiological state of the being, it is as simple as that. no rocket science needed.



Never make drastic changes to one's diet, except when vitally necessary. The body is always endeavouring to adapt, to mould it's constitution to whatever changes it is subjected to, don't rush the process of improving one's diet, because if one does, the body may dispose of too much of it's accumulated wastes too rapidly, especially if one is very much over weight or been on drug medication for a lengthy period and more so when the weather is cold or one has been indulging in strenuous activity. If one does, it may leave one debilitated, be consistent, take one's time, eliminate the groups, and, or combinations of foods the Author has recommended one at a time.

Be aware there are going to be days when the body may be eliminating old stored acidic wastes from the past including medicinal acidic drugs via the intestinal tract (midriff), that is when one must stay focused and not weaken and rush into eating. This will result in the body returning the wastes it is in the process of eliminating from whence they came in the body. When the body is offloading highly concentrated acidic wastes is when those natural hung pangs are going to be most virulent. Be aware those acidic wastes that are been eliminated will invariably call forth, bring on the desire, for one to eat exactly what resulted in them been there in the first place. Always make certain any time those hunger pangs arise that the body is regularly hydrated with water only. Drink a little and often, and if one's urine is dark, then increase the regularity.


A simple blood pressure and heart rate monitor obtainable from most pharmacists can be of enormous help to gauge one's physiological condition. Not only will it be an excellent guide to how one is progressing but more important to keep a check on when one must not accelerate any further elimination from the body, especially important in the case of individuals who have had lengthy periods of medication or have been a user of drugs. Study section 'Fasting' for more information .

Why because one may be subjected to the body to multiple doses, which the body has not been able to eliminate from the past returning into the blood stream when ever the body is in a cleansing, eliminating phase. This is when the monitor is invaluable because any rapid increase in one's heart rate or any increase of more than 40 mm Hg in the systolic or 10 mm Hg in the diastolic (when at rest) is usually an indication that one's body is offloading past wastes of a chemical nature. The action one needs to take then is no action, meaning don't suppress or accelerate the elimination by any action other than keeping the body warm, well hydrated, and not indulging in any exercise until the body has had the time to eliminate them from the blood stream via the kidneys and bladder. To eat anything then is to halt the body eliminating them from the blood stream. Also to administer any drugs then can be dangerous, very dangerous because the body has then got to dispose of more toxic chemicals, whatever their make-up. If one's health is already in serious decline then it may be advisable to have a health professional who is well qualified to keep a check on one. An even more desirable option is, as soon as possible to attend a reputable health clinic for preferably at least two weeks in the initial phase of a cleansing regime. Thereafter one should not need any profession guidance, which is definitely desirable for anyone whose health is in serious decline.


The reason why one's experiences different senses of well being from day to day or even from hour to hour is because of changes in the physiological condition of the blood either from what one has eaten or what the body is endeavouring to eliminate from the blood stream that is impairing it's homoeostasis - functioning. There is a definite pattern of uppers and downers in either the decline or improvement of the physiological state of the body. Ben Adamah refers to it as having a saw tooth character. When the organs of the body have managed to get the blood into a healthy state, then one has an upper because there are no wastes in the blood and when there is a healthy level and character of blood sugar, a high oxygen percentage and low Co2 in the blood stream. All four collectively play their part in the state of one's well being.

Then after a while if one has not had a meal one will begin to experience a downer, because the body will again begin to eliminate more of the accumulated wastes which have been limiting/impairing it's functioning. One's health will be improved each time the body has cleared the wastes from the blood stream.


When ever the tongue,the magic mirror to the state of one's blood begins to get furry, then the body is telling one the blood is saturated with wastes. The coating will clear as soon as the body has eliminated the wastes from the blood stream. Before one partakes of any food or drink one should brush one's teeth and even more important gently remove the pluck from your tongue with your tooth brush then rinse your mouth well with warm water preferably. Then have a glass of water followed by some stretch exercises, thereafter get into the habit of going to the toilet. Never ever eat anything in the morning before one has taken care of the above. Why! because all the gunk in the mouth will be re-absorbed back into the blood stream at the same time. Also the glass of water will assist the kidneys and bladder and give time needed to flush through any wastes that were in the intestinal tract. It will also go a long way to reducing the tendency to over eat.


Obviously one must eliminate, banish for good all confectionery, deserts and any processed foods and drinks containing salt or sugar in them. The sooner one eliminates all packaged foods from ones diet and preferably eats only fresh live raw produce (cooked food is dead and more harmful when seasoned, especially with lashings of salt) the more rapidly one's health will improve, the more vital and alive one will feel, the sounder one will sleep and awake more alive and vibrant in the morning. One will notice over time there will be a steady reduction in the need for sleep. Not forgetting the fact that those unhealthy hunger pangs will become a thing of the past.


It is obviously advisable to ensure as soon as possible to bring those hunger pangs under control by reducing the intake of the foods that have the potential of leaving one with the highest residue of acidic wastes in the body.

Begin by eliminating all cereals and grains (complex carbohydrates) from one's diet except maybe some brown rice in a winter meal. Preferably eat only long grain rice in warm climates and the short grain rice in cold climates. Mankind's natural diet had very little complex carbohydrates in it. Of all the animal kingdom, mankind's constitution, specifically the stage of it's kidney development, is the least adapted to consume complex carbohydrates without detriment to health, the cause of premature aging, and chronic suffering from all the saccharine diseases. To name but a few, all the cardio-respiratory diseases, diabetes, gout, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism. Grains and cereals are the principal cause of sclerosis, the thickening, hardening, stiffening of the blood vessels, tissues, organs and joints.

Dr Price and Dr. Hibbs, two Internationally respected dental physicians stated that the principal cause of dental decay in children was grains.

The Author knows only to well because before the second World War and until 1948 he went to boarding school. Grain, cereals and other complex carbohydrates were the predominant part of the diet and by 1951 had to have all his teeth removed. Since then he has had to live with false teeth. (over 60 years).


At the same time stop drinking those cups of tea and coffee. The best is water or water with a slice of lemon or lime, or with little juice of either, plus a spoon of honey added when one wants to skip a meal. The next would be freshly squeezed fruit juice, then vegetable juice and also an appropriate mix, combination of the two. The next in line would be some of the milder herb teas, a good one is lemon grass, to them can be added as recommended with the water drinks. Another warm drink if one is feeling spacey is warm to hot water with a spoon of Marmite or Vegemite dissolved in it and some lemon or lime juice,the sodium in them will bring one back to earth, ground one, this drink to be considered only as a stop gap especially when at the work place.

The healthier one's diet the less need or desire there is to drink. The only drink one should partake of after a meal is a little water, but never before. The quantity of water one should drink can be assessed by the colour of one's urine, the darker it is the more regular one should drink some water, preferably a little and often. To drink copious amounts of water when one's urine is almost clear is not necessary and is un-desirable. All the other liquids recommended would best be partaken of (only) between meals or better still considered as a meal, in so doing giving one's body a chance to do some cleansing.

Milk needs to be eliminated (banned) from one's diet forever. More on dairy foods to follow. There are some dairy products that can be beneficial in the transition process when combined with other appropriate foods.

When one is on Mankind's Natural Diet there is no desire, nor the need to drink because the body does not thirst, and no water can so perfectly fill the body’s need for liquids as the pure, distilled water of fruits. Nor does anything destroy the health quicker than the drinking of bad water, except breathing foul polluted air followed by an unhealthy diet, and not forgetting that eating without any prior exercise is un-natural and senseless.


Then following on continue eliminating all the other starchy foods, pulses, legumes including potatoes (maybe an occasional steamed one with a salad) and the other tubers high in starch. Also immediately begin reducing the intake of all animal foods including eggs. In winter add a helping of ground nuts over one's steamed vegetables or whole nuts in salads.

If one still wishes to eat an occasional meal (refer paragraph on dining out) with red meat (winter only), then go for quality, and not quantity, eat less of it and bulk up with heaps of salads or steam vegetables or both. Avoid factory farmed chicken (eat them in autumn and spring) and fish (in summer months or any time when it is hot) because of the chemicals they use, besides other factors. Preferably eat salads in summer with a little cottage cheese and eat the steamed vegetables in winter when the body is better able to cope with the concentrated sugars they will release into the blood stream. Only eat free range organic certified poultry and deep-sea fish. The farmed chicken and fish should never ever be a part of the diet of somebody still in a growing phase. Most definitely eliminate all foods that contain anything from swine. It has the ability to host the corona virus (SARS) and also other strains of viruses. Be aware the Author would never get anywhere near finishing what he would like to cover in this work, let alone explaining the all the scientific facts behind everything he recommends


Even if one does nothing else in improving one”s diet stop consuming what the author knows and has proved beyond a shadow of doubt are killer combinations, which is the eating of complex carbohydrates (grains, cereals and any other complex carbohydrates) combined with any high proteins foods especially red meat at any meal.

Never ever eat hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and protein sandwiches, and the combination of foods in the next paragraph are the worst. They should be banished from one's diet forever if one has even the slightest interest in one's health and well-being.

The consumption of dairy foods with complex carbohydrates - cereals and milk, especially what is purported in supermarkets to be muesli with milk and fruit juices, then adding a whole range of fresh fruit to it. The only fresh and a little dried fruit which passes the test with muesli is apple and maybe a banana. The following body clogging combinations porridge with milk, any breakfast cereals and milk need to be definitely eliminated from the breakfast table. Consuming only the Muesli for breakfast in the Menu on the Home page will by itself make a dramatic difference to one's health.


Never make drastic changes to one's diet, the body is always endeavouring to adapt to whatever changes it is subjected to, don't rush the process of improving one's diet, because if one does the body may dispose too much of it's wastes, too rapidly, especially when the weather is cold and leave one debilitated, be consistent, take one's time, slowly eliminate the foods the Author has recommended , even if it is only one group a week. Start today by beginning a house cleansing, begin tossing out all the life destroying garbage one has consuming.


The quantity one eats at different times of the day, how many meals one partakes of in the course of the day and the intervals between meals, all play their part. The relationship of exercise to eating. All of these aspects and many more will be covered in detail in the next update including how to finally reach the Ageless State of Being, Super consciousness requires elimination of all the wastes in the body, and then consuming a diet that leaves no residual wastes. The author and many past researchers on aging, including some of the world's greatest medical profession have come to the conclusion that there is no reason why the body can not live for thousands of years except for the fact we poison it with the wastes from unhealthy living habits principally the types of foods and drinks we consume and an unhealthy environment.

Until further pages are added study 'Health and Well Being', it already covers some of what needs to be added to this section.

If you want to become a 'Know All' then you need to study the sections 'Super consciousness and Brains (two) Modus Operandi' and also 'Prenatal and Postnatal Origin of Genius'. Don't despair, never give up it is never to late to become a 'Know All'.

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