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(April 2012)


The large intestinal with the sacculated folds is the colon, to most individuals it is the bowel. It is considered or thought of by them as a mere sewerage pipe through which the excremental wastes from the their diet is stored until they have time to go to the toilet. Little do they know that the efficient functioning and health of the colon has the greatest effect of any part of the intestinal tract, from the oesophagus to the anus where it ends, on the long-term health and well being of the physical body. At the beginning of the ascending colon is the appendix with an opening to discharge lymphatic fluid into the colon when needed.

We are asked to believe that the appendix is a vestigial structure that has lost all or most of its original function through the process of evolution. More unscientific misrepresentation of an organ which still fills a vital function in any reasonably healthy person. In 1976 medical text books admitted the appendix is as an organ of the lymphatic system and is endowed with a rich flow of blood to it. This is not what one would expect from a degenerate vestigial structure.

The clue to the appendix’s function is found in its strategic position right where the small intestine contexts via the ileocal valve to the colon.

Read on and one will be further enlightened on the purpose and functioning of the colon and the appendix.

NOTE: Anything in parentheses in blue is either a comment or an addition from Ben Adamah


The maintenance of health and well being is more intimately and immediately related to and dependent upon the excreting part of the physiological process than it is upon the supply of nutrient.

Prof. Metchnikoff the renowned scientist stated:
“The greatest problem to health and longevity is to keep the alimentary canal free from putrefaction”.

When the water from colonic irrigation or an enema enters the bowel it has a benign effect softening, dissolving, and carrying of the hardened feacel matter. And after further treatment it begins to wash away the hardened matter that is adhering to the inside of the sacculated folds and also helps dissolve any encrusting that has developed in the interstitial spaces in lining/wall of the the colon.


The colon is the last part of the digestive system (alimentary canal, the bowel) in most vertebrates, it extracts water and salt from the solid wastes before they are eliminated from the body, and is the site in which flora-aided (largely bacterial) fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs. Unlike the the small intestine, the colon does not play a major role in absorption of foods and nutrients. However, the colon does absorb water, sodium and some fat soluble vitamins. A vestigial structure or organ is one that has lost all or most of its original function through the process of evolution.


The above is not only scant on scientific facts, it's misleading, insidiously unscientific and does not begin to explain the entire purpose for the intricate structure and functioning of the colon with it's sacculated folds and the appendix. It certainly gives one the impression that it has been presented with the bare minimum of scientific facts to make one believe the colon plays very little part in the physiological state of the body and that the appendix is a vestigial structure from the past and of little physiological value. The efficient functioning of the colon is one of the greatest determining factor in the overall health of the body and it's longevity.

However the natural functioning of the colon with it's sacculated folds and the appendix have great difficulty in functioning effectively ,because of mankind's unnatural diet.

When the Interstitial spaces, gaps between the cells of the wall/lining of the colon, have become encrusted, there will be restricted movement of liquids or solids from the colon into the blood stream, or in reverse. This encrusting begins in childhood from been fed mainly by the many baby foods that have a combination of cereals and milk in them, followed by a diet of the same combination, porridge and milk, and any of the following combined with milk - weetbix, rice crispies, post toasties, and most of the muesli on the market. All these combinations can set like concrete if they should dry out. It occurs mainly because when you consume these killer combination of foods is when one has not kept oneself well enough hydrated.

As breakfast (as in breaking the fast) is by far the most important meal of the day, because it is when the greatest absorption from the consumption of food enters into the blood streams. Hence the reason why the Author has included a scientifically balanced and nutritious Muesli recipe which is on the Menu to the left.


The colon or large intestinal tract with it's convoluted and sacculated folds are there to trap foods for further processing and assimilation. The high acidic content of most of the food present mankind consumes, renders this section of the gastrointestinal tract/canal unable to function as it would have done when mankind lived on it's natural diet. On mankind's natural diet the residue of the foods reaching the colon would have been alkaline, an essential requirement for bacterial action in the production and then assimilation of the higher vitamin B group in/from the sacculated folds, especially vitamin B12. One slice of bread or a small portion of meat when passing through the large gastrointestinal tract will kill these bacteria and may take days for them to redevelop their culture. Only possible on the appropriate alkaline diet.

Ben Adamah's comments on extracts of water and salt from the solid wastes been absorbed from the colon before they are eliminated from the body as referred to in Wikipedia.

When the Interstitial spaces have been sealed by encrusting, there would be little, if any absorption of water or salts from excremental wastes, which if there was, would not be desirable, considering the wastes in the colon of anybody on a Western Diet is a putrefying toxic mass loaded with harmful bacteria because of the consumption of animal sourced foods. People, who still have the ability to absorb anything from the colon, which included putrefying flesh, would be the one's most likely to end up with bowel cancer. The likelihood of cancer developing in the bowel is when it is absorbed and settles in the interstitial spaces of the cells in the colon wall.


If one is on a meat diet and has not decided to completely stop eating any form of flesh then it is recommended, except in special cases, to not use colonic irrigation because one could dramatically increase the absorption of any putrefying wastes, not just into the interstitial spaces in colon wall/lining, but also into the blood stream. Should this keep occurring it will definitely, given time, lead to cancerous growth in one of the organs of the body. Coincidently the skin is an organ and if one is prone to melanomas, then it is advisable to only consume low fat, dairy or flesh, better still neither of them.

If you don't have a regular bowel movement, which should occur at least once a day, then endeavour to get whoever you consult for health matters to recommend something to obtain relief from the problem.

However, the Author recommends the healthiest way is to improve the structure of one's diet.

Refer Transition to a Healthy Eating for some ideas of how to make significant improvements to one's diet.

Please note it is not another dietary Regime. It covers how you can go about improving whatever diet one is presently living on, even if it is an everything or anything diet.

Also be aware don't let yourself become brain washed, until you don't know what to believe, from the never ending insidious unscientific nonsense presented in all the various forms of media. Most times, what is offered in the Media, is nothing more than scientific assumptions or miss-leading information, half truths. Most of the public are now so confused on dietary matters, they no longer know who or what to believe, which is probably the main purpose behind all the media releases. The present education system and what is offered for consumption in the media is designed to keep one ignorant of the truth purposely to enrich companies or those in power. Unfortunately most indivuduals fall into the trap of searching for evidence to support their desires or beliefs.

The medical profession have no geniune interest in diet (and certainly have no interest in healthy specimens of the human race – would you, if you were a doctor) and are in most instances the least qualified to give it. Probably the biggest stumbling block in the Education of Medical Doctors and Nurses is they are not given a solid grounding in diet and nutrition. They frankly admit they know practically nothing about food and what constitutes a healthy diet. Most doctors have never attended one lecture on diet or nutrition while they were in University.


Very few individuals in life realise they were misled by their parents, by their teachers and by their doctors about health and well being.

Education and Science in it's ignorance has blinded and clouded our brain with erroneous nonsense, we have lost our common sense and can no longer see the obvious, even though it is there for us to see in the natural world. We marvel at the fact that all animals are endowed with a natural Instinct which guides them infallibly through life, little comprehending – realising we were also provided with all the Instincts we needed to meet all our requirements to live a healthy life. Study Instincts refer the Menu.


The problem is, all the so called international experts in the field are almost as confused as the man in the street on what constitutes a natural healthy diet, mainly because they know practically Zilch about the scientific laws that govern all life and mankind in the natural world. The present endeavour of the Author in this work is to reveal all the requirements to health and well being.


Putrefaction of flesh begins in the slaughter house from the first moment it is exposed to air.

It continues to do so right through the supply chain. Thereafter putrefaction continues as it moves down the intestinal tract after consumption. When protein wastes from the consumption of flesh and or dairy products are in the un-excreted waste for more than a day in the colon it is already in an advanced stage of putrefaction and can be absorbed into the blood stream causing auto-intoxication. When this happens it can bring on extreme aggression and the Author strongly suspects it is the prime cause of the most hideous acts of violence in the world.

It is the absorbing of the salts and water (referred to in Wikipedia) from the excrement which would obviously have the potential at the same time to convey any purines in the colon into the blood stream. The flesh eaters and consumers of dairy foods are the one's most prevalent to suffering with cancer when they are absorbed into the blood stream, when the body's organs have not been able to eliminate them. If one chooses to eat flesh go for quality and not quantity, buy the leanest and freshest, eat less and bulk up on salads preferably, otherwise lightly steamed vegetables and never ever eat potatoes or anything made from grains, cereals ever with a protein meal. The body should never be placed in the need to absorb the salt and water from the excrement in the colon. Details to follow of what is processed and manufactured in the sacculated folds then absorbed into the blood stream when one is on a healthy diet. The sacculated folds are there for a very good reason. Nature does not create whatever in the body just for the sake/fun of doing so.


The colon is the most intricate part of the intestinal tract with it's sacculated folds and nerve receptors, which are connected through the central nervous system in the spine to every cell in the body and a control centre in the brain. The appendix when in a healthy state, if it has not been removed, is purposely located where it is, at the beginning of the ascending colon to lubricate and soften the excretement when it is blocking it and causing constipation. In so doing, assisting the body to have a bowel movement. When there is any putrefication in a healthy colon, the nerve receptors there, would send a strong message to the control centre in the brain which would then get the appendix to flood the colon with a lubricant and bring on a diarrhea. A diarrhea only occurs when there is toxic exctrement in the colon. It is a desperate attempt on the part of the body to evacuate it as quick as possible. When ever one has diarrhea one needs to keep oneself well hydrated and a colonic normally relieves and normalises the situation, but if there is still further putrefying food that has not moved down from the small intestine through the ileocecal valve into the colon then further colon cleansing may be needed.

Putrefaction from flesh or fermentation of dairy or any other toxic matter in the colon is the cause of diarrhea and the sooner the colon is cleansed (using water only) the sooner the patient will recover.

In neither of the above scenarios would it possible for the body to rid itself efficiently of the toxic waste in the intestinal tract:


When the colon's nerve receptors become encrusted from what the Author refers to as the number one dietary killer of mankind, the consumption of the mix of cereals and milk, then there is no message sent to the brain to get the appendix to fulfil it's purpose of lubricating the bowel.

Also in a reasonably healthy colon when an individual has not had sufficient water to drink (become dehydrated) the body has the potential to extract any salt and water remaining in the excrement which results in this combination setting like concrete. The principal cause of an appendicitus in most undividuals

  b. When the opening in the appendix has been sealed by the excremental wastes in the colon


There is no more vital precaution one needs to take and that is to ensure one has a regular bowl movement, keeping the bowel free of putrefying wastes, especially if one has any concern of the possibility of bowel cancer, which is caused primarily as an outcome of putrefying flesh accumulating in the sacculated folds or in the interstitial spaces in the wall/lining of the colon.


Constipation occurs for many reasons, the principal one been an unhealthy diet, primarily the consumption of a of grain, cereals combined with dairy. Porridge with milk, cheese sandwiches especially when toasted, and pizzas. Another is a lack of exercise. A third can even be the drinking of coffee and other milk drinks.

The Muesli recipe in the menu on the home page if eaten will go a long way to avoid been constipated and it will not tax the system with heaps of waste to eliminate like all other breakfasts. All the other muesli recipes, other than the original Bircher Benner, that the Author has come across around the world are killers by saturating the blood stream with highly concentrated acid wastes because of all the cereals in them, the only food that saturates the blood stream with more acidic wastes is Christmas (fruit) cake and pudding. If you have any concern for your health, take what ever you have left of any other muesli and dispose of it by either putting it in your compost heap or the garbage bin, unless it is very similar in composition to the Bircher Benner Muesli, or the one the Author is offering on the Menu, which is even better than the Bircher Benner recipe.

When one is on a healthy diet and reasonably physically active one should excrete at least twice a day and be able to, at any time on demand. All the other anthropoid animals defecate at least 4 times a day, and when there is abundant food available for them to consume, up to 6 times in a day.

Possible ways to become regular with bowel movements:

The first requirement is schedule a definite time every morning to go to the toilet, before the scheduled time consider partaking of one or more of the following suggestions.

  • Warm water with slice of lemon
  • Maybe a spoon full of oil the author has experimented with Avocado and some of the nut oils. If one chooses to try, start off with a teaspoon followed by the warm drink suggested above.
  • One could try drinking some prune juice and even eating some dried prunes, but first washed in warm water and then soaked overnight. However if one has a fairly healthy diet with a good percentage of raw food intake one should never be inflicted with constipation.


When one does not intend to change one's diet to a non flesh diet it is never advisable to utilise Enemas or Colonic Irrigation to flush the colon, except in an emergency, when auto-intoxication from the colon is leading to abdominal pains, in which case it is advisable to avoid having an appendicitis or some other affliction.

Another option if your doctor recommends, a laxative from your pharmacist or maybe a herbal laxative from your local health shop if the pharmacy can not recommend one from their stock.


To thoroughly cleansing the colon is not advisable for flesh eaters because it can dramatically increase the absorption of purines (purifying wastes) into the blood stream.

Auto-intoxication of these putrefying wastes is the main cause of malfunctioning of the glandular system. The Author pointed out in 1968 to certain world leaders in various fields of the health profession that the consumption of milk products was the principal cause of breast cancer. He cited the fact that the two biggest consumers of milk products in the world was, Wisconsin in the States and Switzerland had the highest recorded cases of breast and other glandular cancers. Data found in statistics of FAO of the UN.


“Colon cleansing (also known as colon therapy) encompasses a number of alternative medical therapies intended to remove feces and non specific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. Colon cleansing may take the form of colon hydrotherapy (also called a colonic or colonic irrigation) or oral cleansing regimens such as dietary supplements.”

“Some forms of colon hydrotherapy use tubes to inject water, sometimes mixed with herbs or with other liquids, into the colon via the rectum using special equipment. Oral cleaning regimes use dietary fibre, herbs, dietary supplements or laxatives. People who practice colon cleansing believe that accumulations of putrefied feces line the walls of the large intestine and that these accumulations harbor parasites or pathogenic or gut flora, causing non specific symptoms and general ill-health. This "auto-intoxication" hypothesis is based on medical beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and was discredited in the early 20th century.”

“No scientific evidence supports the alleged benefits of colon cleansing. The bowel itself is not dirty and barring drugs, disease or mechanical blockage, cleans itself naturally without assistance. Certain enema preparations (possible if extremely high saline solution are used to flush the colon) have been associated with heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances (the latter also definitely possible by drinking to much water or again through the use of a high saline solution used in the colon cleansing procedure), and improperly prepared or used equipment can cause infection or damage to the bowel (agreed). Frequent colon cleansing can lead to dependence on enemas to defecate (agreed) and some herbs may reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs”

Ben Adamah states the medical profession has not and never will be able to discredit scientifically the fact that auto-intoxication takes place from the feces in the colon.

If the truth were to be told is because there is nothing the medical profession fears more than the general public become aware of the benefit of colon cleansing and especially the relief that comes with having one from any one one suffering from any of the cardio-respiratory afflictions. The drugs only suppress symptoms and never cure the cause.

No Institute in the world would consider discrediting the fact auto-intoxication can not take place from feces in the colon for fear of been ridiculed as quacks.

Unfortunately when some people have experienced the benefit of colon cleansing they start to think well I can go out and splurge/binge, and then come home and next day have one or two enemas, that is definitely not been very smart.

Many cases of death that are attributed to heart failure are the inability of the lungs, especially in a polluted environment, to maintain an adequate infusion of oxygen into the blood stream, from an overload of carbon dioxide there from the consumption of a meal with a concentrated mix of animal protein, especially the extremely high levels of phosphate in red meat, combined with the consumption of large quantities of complex carbohydrates and fats, and then made worse by the addition of heaps of salt.

The following is an excerpt from The Law of Life and Human Health by Prof. Hilton Hotema:

Dr. William Osler
Dr. Osler was considered by many to be the greatest physician America has produced. His books on medical practice are standards the world over. This is what he had to say regarding disease, its cause, cure and prevention:
“We put drugs, about which we know little, into our bodies, about which we know less, to cure disease, about which we know nothing at all."


The rationale for colon cleansing is the concept of "auto-intoxication", the idea that food enters the intestine and rots. The Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks (as did all the Ancient Masters for thousands of years including Pythagaros and even Hipocrates the Founder and Father of Medicine new it as a fact, as did all those mentioned above, so belief was not required because they had proved it time and time again) believed that toxins formed as a result of decomposition within the intestines, and moved from there into the circulatory system causing fever and the development of pus. In the 19th century, studies in biochemistry and microbiology seemed to support the auto-intoxication hypothesis (why because it is occuring in every body even vegetarians), and mainstream physicians promoted the idea.”

“Despite this, "auto-intoxication" persists in the public imagination. The practice of colon cleansing has undergone a resurgence in the alternative medical community, supported by testimonials and anecdotal evidence and promoted by manufacturers of colon cleansing products.”

Relationship to medical symptoms
“The symptoms that are attributed to auto-intoxication— headache, fatigue, loss of appetite and irritability—are actually caused (no accentuated) by mechanical distention (I assume they mean distension which is a swelling, which is the result of a build of excrement – a blockage) within the bowel, such as irritable bowel syndrome (obviously caused from putrefying waste of a highly concentrated acidic nature), rather than toxins from putrefying food. The benefits anecdotally attributed to colon cleansing are vague and the claims made by manufacturers and practitioners are based on a flawed understanding of the body. There is little evidence of actual benefit to the procedure, and no evidence that it can alleviate the symptoms that are attributed to the theories of colon cleansing. No surgeries, autopsies or other observations of colons have discovered any evidence of compacted feces or other evidence to support the theory of auto-intoxication or the need for colon cleansing.” All fabricated because experience and autopsies have proved otherwise in numerous cases according to many of the Authorities the Author has cited in many sections of this work.


By flushing the colon thoroughly with enemas prior to beginning a fast is beneficial for a number of reasons, it eliminates the danger of auto-intoxication, it means the system can more rapidly purify the blood and it makes the first couple of days of a fast a lot easier to cope with, because the sooner the acid wastes in the small intestinal can travel down into the colon and also be flushed out, the sooner those hunger pangs will abate and won't return, and also the physical desire for food will cease. However if one has been in the habit of escaping through eating then the desire to eat will persist. Keep focused – be creative in some way, which does not mean doing something physical, be creative in a consciousness sense by meditating, reading, knitting, crocheting to name a few ways to distract one from the habitual means one uses to distract one from taking responsibility for one's own well being.

When the water from colonic irrigation or an enema enters the bowel it has a benign effect, softening, dissolving, and carrying off the hardened feces. And after further treatment it begins to wash away the hardened matter that is adhering to the inside of the sacculated folds and also helps dissolve any encrusting that has developed in the interstitial spaces in the lining/wall of the the colon.

The following excerpts are cited from:

The Law of Life and Human Health by Prof. Hilton Hotema

“When we think of cleansing anything, our mind instinctively turns to water – that greatest of all solvents, without which all life would end. Long experience has taught that the most practical, most rational and most natural method of treating constipation, is to flush the colon with water.”

“To flush the colon means, to inject water into the the bowel, through the rectum, by means of a syringe. Strange as it may seem to the inexperienced, the water so injected stimulates into activity, in a natural way, the lost nervous impulse to evacuate. It arouses the weakened, paralysed peristaltic action of the organ. That is a long step towards restoring the lost nervous power.”

“Water injected into the bowel has the benign effect of softening, dissolving, and carrying off the hardened mass. Thus, with the putrefying water, the stagnant sewer is emptied and cleansed of it's poisonous contents, and the water washes away the hardened particles adhering to the folds and walls of the colon. This strikes at the tap-root of that prolific breeder of disease, which destroys all health, hope, and happiness.”

Ben Adamah
Use the ordinary enema bag/container. Fill the container with clean water, about body temperature. Hang the container on the wall about 5ft. High. Insert the nozzle into the rectum, after applying a little vegetable oil to the anus, which will makes it's insertion a lot easier. Allow as much water as can be retained comfortably, then massage the abdomen in an anti-clockwise direction, or do yoga style stomach lifts retaining the water as long as possible before expelling. As soon as one has completely expelled the wastes from the bowel keep repeating this procedure until one can inject at least two to three pints or one and a half quarts and it comes out clear when expelling.

Back to Hotema (edited/abbreviated and revised by Ben Adamah)
“A matter of importance is the posture assumed while permitting the water to flow into the bowel. Water should always flow downward when entering the colon. This is accomplished by person's assuming the knee-chest position during the operation. Get down on the knees on a rug or towel, keep the hips high, while lowering head and shoulders to the rug, touching the rug with one shoulder and one side of the face. After three or more times the colon should be cleansed to the bottom of the ascending colon, at the right of the groin. It is here where the Appendix is located; and most cases of appendicitis are due to to the long retention of feces in this part of the colon, (which blocks the opening of the appendix and stops it lubricating the bowel) and also because the feces there putrifies, accelerate the poisoning of the appendix.”

“If it is believed there are encrustations adhering to the walls/lining (or the interstitial spaces in the walls of the colon), that have not already been dissolved and removed, then have another enema with one pint, a little over half a litre, and retire. During the hours of sleep, the water will loosen and dissolve the hard matter, and it will pass off with the next evacuation. For this reason it is better to flush the colon when ready for bed.”

“In the case of fevers, it is often well to use cold water of about 50 degrees F. It has the beneficial effect of reducing the degree of the fever. The cool water also tones up the colon by naturally stimulating it's nerves and muscles. In instances of chills, a warm enema, of about 110 degrees F, will warm up the bowel, accelerate circulation in the entire colon, and increase the warmth of the whole body.”

“The internal bath, as it is called, is a precautionary measure of inestimable value in treating all chronic diseases, and in warding off and lessening the severity of acute diseases. Often when the first symptoms appear, a good flushing, followed by the hot sweat bath, and a fast for two or three days, will relieve the system almost as though by magic.”

Of this Dr. Cummins says:-
“The greatest single treatment that any one can give is the enema. No Doctor can give a better one. We may adjust, massage, bathe, and drug, but no one thing so relieves the burden upon nature as to cleanse with water a clogged colon. It is such a universal 'cure all', that it may be beneficially used in every case. The enema alone has saved countless typhoid fever cases.”

Some of you may have heard the little Story of Who is the Boss of the Body, but if you have or have not you had better believe which part of your body is the Boss until death doth ye both part.


All the parts of the body sat down one day to decide who should be the boss

The Brain said it should be as he makes the body run

The Eyes said they should be because they gave the sensory input

The Mouth said it should be as it consumed the food to make the body run


The Arms said it should be as they moved the food to the mouth

The Stomach said it should be as it processed the food necessary for the body to work

The Legs said it should be for they moved the body around

The Backside said it should be for it got rid of the wastes from all parts of the body

All the other parts of the body laughed so hard the backside clamped up

After 1 day the Brain went fuzzy
After 2 days the Eyes went blurry
After 3 days the Legs went wobbly
After 4 days the Mouth dried up so the arms couldn't move food to the Mouth and the Stomach was left idle

They all agreed to make the Backside the Boss

So in order to be the Boss you don't have to be the best, just be an Ass-hole


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