Ben Adamah - Writings on the Truth about the Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind.

Ben Adamah
Disclaimer - Notice to all Concerned

The Authors only purpose for presenting this work is to stir the minds to make mankind think a little about other possibilities. The Author is not advocating you accept, agree or disagree with whatever he writes about. Some higher authority will tell or guide one what to do with the insights presented.

No claim is made intentionally as to what any method cited may do for any one in any case, and it is recognised and understood that the author and publisher of this work assume no responsibility for any opinion presented or expressed, nor the results that may occur in any case wherein any one may decide to pursue any path mentioned in this work. The Author recommends whoever considers applying any methods cited in this work to first seek a qualified professional that is sympathetic and knowledgeable with diet and fasting.

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