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(May 2012)

These three are intimately related and commence with the same physiological state of the body, namely an excess of the concentration of nutrients in the blood stream. They are all preventable, but only if one is prepared to have a lifestyle conducive to the natural requirements of the constitution of a human body.

Preamble on physiological maturity of the human body – having the ability to copulate and reproduce.

Maturity, the ability to copulate only occurs when the body is supplied with more than it needs. On a frugal healthy diet one would never mature and not be able to copulate because of the limited quantity of seminal fluid. What is more one would not age because on a healthy frugal diet the body would not be accumulating any wastes.

The Author has conducted enough research and experiments to prove the fact that on a frugal healthy diet it is not possible for a male to copulate because with a diminished supply of seminal fluid it is not even possible to raise the penis let alone have an ejaculation and the female would not ovulate or been able to have an orgasm.

Preamble on menstruation and menopause

This is another of the those unscientific, insidious, superstitious beliefs, the belief that a female of the human species should suffer with the enigma of menstruation, and the pain and discomfort which goes with it, followed by menopause. To believe it is natural, is to continue enslavement by man, which was probably the original aim of the founding Priests of the Judo-Christian Religions, and the reason for polygamy. It begs comprehension that the medical profession and the physiologists of today can still believe that menstruation is natural and healthy or are they just to dumb and are happy to go along with Pagan beliefs. Probably the problem lies in the fact that there is no profit to be made out of solving this enigma. When the cause is obvious, to any one with curiosity, and a little knowledge of the physiological functioning of the human body.

Dr. Raymond Bernard A.B., Colombia University, M.A., Ph. D New York University.
To the author's knowledge no other scientist has done more research into menstruation and menopause than Dr. Raymond Bernard, who is of the opinion that it is merely a case of woman accepting that it is possible to rid themselves of this enigma and then adopting a more natural lifestyle and diet.

Two excerpts from his book entitled, The Mystery of Menstruation - The Physiological Enigma of Woman; Dr Schroyer a New England Gynaecologist regarded menstruation as a pathological condition, which, subjected to dietary treatment is cured.

Dr. Frank a New York Gynaecologist cites the Famous French woman Ninon de L'Enclos, who at 90 was never ever subjected to menstruation, looked like a young woman and was so beautiful that many suitors sought her hand in marriage. This she accomplished through a special (more natural) diet which freed her from menstruation, which is the key of female rejuvenation health and well being.

Prof. Sherman of Columbia University New York stated; “that the consumption of meat increases blood pressure, heart rate, which augments the menstrual flow.”

“He cites various cases that he knew of personally and also points out there are numerous cases on medical records of woman who have lived long healthy lives and bore large families never ever been subjected to menstruation.”

“Further it is paradoxical to suppose that woman, the most exquisitely fashioned organic creation of nature and her finest master piece, should have been created with an original defect that wild animals, an inferior creation – do not have.”

“It's absence among wild animals and it's scarcity among stronger woman of primitive races who live more naturally would indicate that menstruation is unnatural and that a more natural lifestyle would lead to it's disappearance.”

Dr. Raymond Bernard, Prof. Hilton Hotema, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Prof. Arnold Ehret, and many others including the Author know that the primary cause for menstruation and menopause was because way back in history woman began digressing from their natural diet and there after have been led to believe it is natural.

Throughout nature, the female is the superior sex. Only among civilised races do we find her superiority to be lost and become the weaker sex.

Personal experience of the Author
Ben Adamah way back in history owned a nursery in Africa. One day he was using a tractor with a 6ft. Rotatory hoe on it, which he was using to mix up hundreds of cubic metres of potting mix on the ground and got bogged. His head African, the induna, who was known as the “Man” because of his size and strength and yours truly, attempted to move it out of the way after uncoupling it. We had to move it out of the way because the only way to get the tractor out was by reversing. Anyway we battled for over an hour when his wife a Zulu Princess waved her hand at us to get out of the way. Now this piece of equipment weighed at least 600 to 700 lbs, 300 to 350 kg. and was buried in the mud, she bent her knees grabbed hold of it and swivelled it one way effortlessly then got hold of the other side and took it beyond the back of the tractor. Who said woman are the weaker sex.


The word maturity is probably one of the most miss-interpreted and miss-understood words in the English Dictionary. The following is what the Oxford Dictionary has to say about maturation and maturity:

MATURATION; the act or an instance of maturing, the state of being matured, the ripening of fruit.
MATURE; with fully developed powers of body and mind; adult, been sensible, wise. Complete in natural development, ripe, developed fully, come to maturity

The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.

None of the above definitions explain what takes place physiologically when a human being reaches maturity, is it when a girl begins to ovulate, or when a boy can have an orgasm or when they begin to be attracted to the opposite sex and have the desire to copulate. Why do girls of some races in the world begin ovulating and stop growing long before they reach their teens and others don't begin until their late teens.


When is fruit ripe, fully matured in its natural development? Fruit is only fully matured and ripe when the tree has completed it's development to the point were it has provided the seed the maximum potential of perpetuating the survival of the species. Not very different to a foetus when ready to vacate the womb. Only when the tree has achieved the maximum concentration of mineral solids and organic nutrient's in the fruit, is it ready to part with the fruit, it's off spring. Only when the petiole (plant equivalent to the placenta), the stem on which the fruit hangs has dried will the tree part with fruit either by it falling off or with the slightest touch, falling into one's hand, only then can the fruit be considered ripe, mature and reached its complete natural development of nutrients. It is no different to a woman in a healthy state giving birth to the infant without any assistance. Pulling fruit off the tree when the petiole is still well attached to the fruit would be like yanking a foetus out of the womb before it was fully mature and ready to give birth.

Another Personal Example
This very same Zulu Princess the wife of the Overseer worked up to 10 minutes before she gave birth because she wanted to and no amount of me trying to de-swayed her from doing so made any difference. She knew exactly when she was ready, went into the orchard nearby and gave birth and was back within 10 minutes. Evidently they half squat and as the water breaks the baby pops out at the same time. No different to animals in the wild. She came prepared with a cloth to rap the baby on her back after it was born. To her it was effortless and normal. It is only the domesticated unhealthy woman or those living under unnatural conditions that have difficulties and fatalities with child birth.

Maturity of the human species
If human species lived as it did in it's original habitat on it's natural diet it would only have matured when there was more food available from it's immediate environment to consume than needed for just growth, health and well being. Obviously then when there was limited food available, one would not mature, nor age, because on a frugal diet, the body would be able to eliminate all the residual wastes from the food consumed. But still be able to reproduce off spring into the hundreds of years in age, which would only occur when the environment provided a burst/increase in production of mankind's natural diet.

Maturity and reproduction is either for survival or because the environment is providing sufficient food for an increase in the population of a particular species
Everything living thing in nature wants to survive and will do/adapt/mould it's physiological functioning to reproduce the species under abnormal conditions and also to perpetuate itself when the conditions are right and in so doing take over more control of the environment in which it lives.

An example of what occurs in a stressful environment
The relationship between temperature and available moisture is the two major determining factors in nature. An excellent example is the cobblers peg, also known as the black jack. When there is a drought even though it is only 6 inches tall it will flower and set seeds. So the governing condition for reproduction (sexual maturity) is the change from growth hormones to reproductive hormones that occurs as a result of the concentration of the nutrients in the life stream, be it a plant, insect, bird, animal, or mankind.

In humans the excess in the concentration and the character of the nutrient in the blood stream from consuming an unnatural, unhealthy diet is the cause of menstruation and later menopause.

If the Medical Profession and all those Professors of Physiology new how diet effected the functioning of the human body there would be no ill health. Menstruation and menopause is a state of ill health arising from an unhealthy diet, and an excess thereof makes the condition even more virulent and leads to leucorrhoea, the mucus discharge from the vagina is the clearest indicator one's diet is abominable and needs to be improved. The principal cause of menstruation and menopause, as is all health problems, principally from the consumption of what the Author refers to as the Three Weapons of Mass Destruction. In order to produce them levelled most of the forests disturbing the Ecological integrity of the planet. The Three Weapons of Mass destruction are: 'W' Wheat (all grain and cereals) 'M' Meat all flesh, and 'D' Dairy. All three should never be consumed, because they are the cause of most of the maladies of mankind. The section Transition to Healthy Eating provides important insights into human nutrition, as does the section W.M.Ds and some of the other section in this work

It is the concentration of nutrient in the sap of a plant or the blood stream of an animal that turns growth hormones into reproductive hormones. In plants it initiates flowering and reproduction. In mankind the desire to copulate and reproduce.

The Ancient Masters stated that if any organism has the constant ability to copulate and reproduce, it is on the way to dying, because the body is no longer disposing of the mineral wastes from an excess of food consumed. Rudolph Steiner expressed it succinctly when he said mineralisation of the body causes death.

Mankind is far from having fully developed powers of body and mind, being sensible and wise. It is more than obvious that the present civilisation in it's ignorance is governed by spontaneous whims or beliefs it has been inculcated in from infancy. It has no idea where it is going, primarily because it thinks it can ignore natures commandments.

Mankind a product/child of nature has this ridiculous belief that it can disobey it's laws with impunity, when the obvious fact is: “Nature to be commanded must be obeyed”

“The bugs and the birds have no sickness, no hospitals, no doctors, no drugs no vaccines, no serums, yet they are ruled by the same laws of creation (nature) that govern mankind. But the bugs and birds do not subsist on cooked and seasoned food. They do not attempt to improve on the work of creation. They are not so stupid as mankind.”

Mankind's present diet and mode of living is an experiment that has failed in every way. Mankind definitely lacks wisdom and has no sensible approach in meeting the majority of it's needs. An adult is considered to be someone who has reached maturity and has stopped growing physically. In India there are children who exist principally on a grain diet. Most of them begin ovulating by 6 years of age and can be grand parents in their teens and great grand parents by their mid 20s. In the decade from 1950 to 1960 there were up to 200,000,000 of them who only had an average lifespan of 27 years according to FAO a division of UN.

Are they mature? definitely not, neither is most of this civilisation living today because mankind is far from being completely developed, before and even after it has acquired the ability to reproduce. Like the Indian example cited above, is because the present civilisation is failing to meet it's nutritional needs according to it's constitutional requirements.

It is only the continued consumption of an unnatural diet and the quantity eaten, that has given mankind the ability to copulate day after day. Not realising that at the same time because of this unnatural diet it is steadily accumulating wastes encrusting and stopping the organs related to growth functioning, and then following on, the degeneration of the entire body.

The ability of all living things to be able to reproduce would only occur in nature when the environment in which they reside produced an excess of food needed for growth and health. When this continues unabated (sustained physiological maturity) one is then on the down hill path to death.

There is an Ancient saying: “When mankind digressed from the seeds of the tree and began consuming the Herbs of the Earth it would surely die”. “Thereafter woman would have constant child bearing, beholden (subservient) to man, and suffer with menstruation.”
And, “man would thereafter live by the sweat of his brow, and the earth would be cursed.”

A little more on what the Science of the Ancient Masters had to say about Eve.
Ezra when he prepared The Book of Laws, Pentateuch in the six century B.C. left out a lot of the Science of the Ancient Masters which stressed the fact that Eve was a Supreme Immaculate Being in a female body, the only human specimen on earth to begin with and had the ability of being able to reproduce herself as long as she continued to partake of her natural diet. Only when the Garden of Eden provided more than she and her sisters needed did she have the ability to reproduce herself, never suffering menstruation, they retained their youthful appearance and beauty, living as long as they desired. Aging and dying, the length of lifespan has nothing to do with time. The length of mankind's days is governed purely by how close it adheres to it's natural diet, the quantity we eat and the health of the environment in which we live and breathe.

Eden been an Ancient Scientific Archetype which when deciphered means a Creative Context in which the being can attain the Nth. Degree of perfection. Us males (are in a deformed female body) only exist because for some reason Eve began defiling her constitution by digressing from the seeds of the trees and adding the herbs of the earth to her diet. In so doing disturbing the natural bipolar (one ovary producing the ova the other the fertilizing agent,the sperm) functioning of her ovaries, thereafter loosing her natural ability to self impregnate and reproduce herself. If you are interested to know more about the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind from which all Ecclesiastic teaching were derived, study the Section From Science to Religion, Knowledge to Belief, Truth to Ignorance.

Ben Adamah
The over population of the planet, the degradation of it's productive potential, the deteriorating quality of the water we drink, the air we now have to breathe, all began from the agricultural production of foods which were never part of mankind's natural diet.


That Menstruation is a natural condition of woman of the human species is another one of those unscientific insidious beliefs, originating from Pagan Priests whose intent was to subjugate woman to sexual slavery. Which for some reason the Medical Profession has adopted and continues to inform woman that it is the cross she has to bare for been born a female of the human species and to accept without question on their good authority (?) that she must suffer with the enigma of menstruation, and the pain and discomfort which goes with menstruating and later menopause.

The Author attests and has proved more than once that a female in a healthy state living on a natural diet begins to menstruate less and less until it ceases. Also on a healthy natural frugal diet not only does ovulation cease, but so does the aging process of her body. As soon as she increases her food intake ovulation re-commences.

In having women believe that menstruation is natural can only be considered as enslavement of her.

Dr. Raymond Bernard in his thesis entitled The Physiological Enigma of Woman has this to say:

“ Has the sexual enslavement of woman by man been kept a secret by scientists? Or are they, too, ignorant.”

And like the Author he knows of women who have freed themselves from this haemorrhage by adopting a natural diet and a more natural mode of living.”

Ben Adamah
1. Why does menstruation only occur in females of the human species.
Only because of the unnatural diet of mankind and also the animals that have been domesticated and fed incorrectly or have digressed from their natural diet because mankind has upset their habitat.

2. Why do the mammary glands only form before ovulation in the human species.
Again because of diet, mainly the consumption of milk with it's unhealthy levels of amino acids and hormones, unsuitable for human consumption and also the eating of large quantities of flesh and cereals. None of which were part of mankind's natural diet.

3. Why do doctors tell woman this a natural and healthy condition when it is most decidedly not.
Probably because they don't know any better and are ignorant of the fact that it is pathological state, which can be cured by diet..

4. Why have Medical Profession not gone to any effort to discover the reason for the physiological condition of menstruation when it only occurs in members of the anthropoid group of animals that are not subsisting on their natural diet.

Is it because they have not had any education of the fact that it is a pathological condition which any woman is capable of curing if she is provided with the knowledge.

5. Why do we consider maturity, the ability by the male or female to be able to procreate a natural and healthy state.
When in reality it is a clear indication of the slowing of the growth of the body and the beginning of physiological aging. Only because mankind does not know any better.

6. That menstruation was the means the body adapted to and moulded it's functioning after it began digressing from it's natural diet and if had not been capable of doing so it would have been the end of the human race.
As Dr. Alexis Carrel proved is that the human body has an amazing ability to mould/adapt it's physiological function. (in order to Survive)

7. Menopause also results from the continuous damage done to the uterus lining from the acidic mucous been discharged and eventually these acidic wastes encrust the ovaries causing them to cease functioning. (Menopause)

8. The choice is whether you continue to suffer or begin improving your diet.

The initial steps on what to eliminate from one's diet is in the section Transition to Healthy Eating. Please note it is not another dietary regime, it is all about what foods and combination of foods that are most detrimental to the human body.

And to end a little amusing poem from “Better Living” by Prof. Hilton Hotema.


Three monkeys sat in a Coconut Tree
Discussing things as they're said to be.
Said one to the others, Now listen you two,
There's a certain rumour that can't be true.
That man descended from our noble race
The very idea! It's a disgrace.
No monkey ever deserted his wife
Starved her baby and ruined her life.
And you've never known a mother monk
To leave her baby with others to bunk,
Or pass them from one to another
'Til they hardly know who is their mother.
And another thing! You will never see
A monk build a fence round a coconut tree
Why if I put a fence around this tree
Starvation would force you to steal from me
Here's another thing a monk won't do,
Go out at night and get on a stew
Or use a gun or club or knife
To take some other monkey's life
Yes! Man descended, the onerous cuss,
But brother he didn't descend from us!

Author not known

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