Student of life, I guess that’s what it comes down to.

Started learning all sorts of things by myself when I was about 18 years old and still do so.

Here’s a good list of some practical life skills and knowledge I have been looking into on and off over the years:

– Mucusless Diet Healing System
Ben Adamah

Environment / sustainability:
– Food forest
– Permaculture (Food forest are better and in general bring forth produce more apt for the human physiology. Food forest are part of permaculture. Permaculture also incorporates other food producing systems, and also thing as housing, community etc.; sustainability in basically all areas of life.)

Law / legislation:
Servant King
Justinian Deception

Ubuntu / Debian / Linux
i3wm ← Best. Ever. Highly, highly recommended.

Building things:
April Wilkerson
I Like to Make Stuff
Frank Howarth